13 years of design and yet something was missing…

Hi! I’m Rachel Mignogna and I am a design consultant at Foster Remodeling Solutions. I came to Foster with nearly 13 years of kitchen and bath design exposure under my belt and the desire to achieve more out of my every day routine. For as far back as I can remember, I’ve been intrigued by design and thirsty for the understanding of how things fit together. With an education background, I am passionate about learning and through learning I love to share that knowledge with others. These are the tools that I find the most useful in this career. No one is going to be an expert on everything! However, if you find that one thing you are good at and the right people to partner with…. you can create something amazing.

This is how I feel about joining the Foster Team.  I was missing part of the very important puzzle in my remodeling role, that was the ability to work on a project from cradle to grave.  As a true design build firm, Foster includes everything to make the all-inclusive process as seamless and fool proof as possible.  It makes perfect sense, not just from a homeowner perspective, but also a from a designers’ perspective! Life is busy and hectic, why not make something so seemingly complicated as remodeling as painless as possible and perhaps even an enjoyable experience.

My design technique is simple. I truly believe that you need to find inspiration in every project.  Listen!  Learn!  What is the client telling you? What matters most to them?  Family time, a place to do work/homework, cut veggies with the grand-kids, or simply showcase a family heirloom that means the world to them.  Every project, every client, is unique and these are all ways that I approach each design opportunity.

I have a true passion for design, but I also have a passion for people and learning who they are through their stories.  This helps me to the best designer I can be for my clients and together we can achieve the best possible outcome for each project. Simply, we become a team! At Foster Remodeling Solutions, we extend that team throughout the design staff, to our in-house architect, into the field and through the hands of the carpenters that are in the client’s home on a day to day basis.  Finding the right contractor for your project can be an excruciating process but finding the wrong one can be disastrous. Sadly, I have been down that road.

Enough about the past, I now look to the future and the possibilities that come with my new future here at Foster Remodeling Solutions. I invite you to join me on that journey and contact Foster to set up a meeting with me for your next project.  Finally, I leave you with this thought…

As a designer, my goal is to help you create a unique space you LOVE, because loving your home adds cohesion to our hectic lives. I appreciate the challenge of juggling many balls in the air without trying to drop them all. I’m a wife and a mother of two active young boys and furry animal babies.  I love the crazy imperfect home I am in and find that I have more inspiration and enthusiasm for everything else in my life because I am secure in my surroundings.

So…how can I help you love your home?

Rachel Mignogna – Design Consultant – Foster Remodeling Solutions

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