Remodeling your home should be fun.  You have finally made the decision to change the way you live in your house.  I am here to pull all the pieces of the puzzle together for you and make it happen.  I came to Foster Remodeling Solutions because of their reputation and the approach they take from the beginning to the end of the remodeling process.  This process fits with my personal philosophy of transparency and a customer first focus.

The reaction of the Homeowner at the completion of the project is priceless.  They are always happy with the outcome especially when they realize they have achieved lifestyle change.  Getting to that point can be stressful and it shouldn’t be.  The process that Foster Remodeling brings to the table eliminates all the trepidation.  The clients give and receive constant feedback in an effort to capture their vision, stay on budget and eliminate all unknowns so when the contract is written, there is no ambiguity as to what the outcome will be.

I have been in remodeling and construction my entire career.  The biggest issue I have seen and heard from Homeowners is that they feel like they are being pushed or persuaded into a project that fits into a company’s scope of services and they feel like they have to settle.  This results in one of two things: the client settles or they do nothing.  These outcomes are unacceptable and result in a bad customer experience.  This brings me back to why I came to Foster Remodeling Solutions.  The expertise, experience and commitment to client satisfaction is unparalleled.

I begin each project by letting the Homeowners know that anything is possible from a construction standpoint.  Next, tell me your vision and let’s make it happen.

Lewis Register – Design Consultant

At Foster Remodeling Solutions Inc., we’ve been remodeling homes in Northern Virginia for 35 years. We specialize in kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, home additions and more! Our longevity in this industry is a direct result of our process and practices to ensure customer satisfaction. Remodeling is a collaborative experience and we’ve been building relationships with our clients that last. Contact a member of our award-winning team to discuss your options and get started!

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