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Choose Your Contractor By More Than Just Price!

Taking your time to vet and ask questions of potential remodeling contractors is a worthwhile investment. Ensuring you choose the right professional for your job can make all the difference. When you’re planning your next project, get comparable quotations from at least three remodeling contractors. Ask friends and family for recommendations and go online to check out portfolios and get a feel for the business. Don’t make your decision on price only! Sometimes the cheapest bid isn’t worth the headache that can come from an unqualified remodeler working in your home.

Qualified Contractors Take These Steps:

While each general contractor may approach remodeling differently, they all follow these parameters for each job, no matter the scope or size of the project:

  • Permits Are Pulled: Experienced and credible remodeling firms understand the importance permits play on ensuring your job is built to code and is a sound investment for their client.
  • Code Compliant: Once the permit is pulled and work begins, local building inspectors visit your home to review installation of the framing, electrical, and plumbing. A code compliant build maintains your investment and keeps your family safe.
  • Warranty: Established remodeling firms offer installation warranties on their work. Ask for the warranty in writing and review how to submit a claim before the project is complete.

Foster Remodeling Solutions Inc. Builds With Integrity To Respect Your Investment.

We’ve been remodeling and building home additions in Northern Virginia since 1983. After more than three decades in business, we have the experience and qualifications to transition your house into the home of your dreams. Our design-build process keeps communication open from designer to builder to homeowner. You can depend on your investment when you choose to be part of the Foster family.

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