Fairfax kitchen remodel by Foster Remodeling with Crystal Current cabinets with feature glass and Feather clear Herringbone backsplash

A Kitchen Remodel Is A Smart Investment For NOVA Homeowners.

The most recent data indicates that a kitchen remodeling project in the southern states of the US can provide up to a 65% return on your investment. In Northern Virginia, that number may be even higher making a kitchen remodel one of the best ways to spend your hard earned money. At Foster Remodeling Solutions, we’ve determined the three most important elements to getting your best kitchen remodel. Check out our guide to get started:

Research: Doing some preliminary legwork helps you get the best remodel for your money.

  • Style: Go online and research design trends and galleries. Make a folder with pictures of kitchens you love and hate. Once you have that folder, you’ll be able to see what you consistently like.
  • Budget: Discuss with your partner how you’re going to pay for your project and what a realistic budget is for your home.
  • Contractors: Start asking friends and family for recommendations for contractors. Reach out to at least three independent contractors to meet them and get estimates you can compare.

Prioritize: Finalize your project scope by deciding what’s really important to you.

  • Budget: Are you trying to stay within your budget? Pick and choose the most important elements of your project that you can’t live without. Make those a priority and make changes to accommodate your budget.
    Timeline: Be honest with your contractor. If it’s more important to finish by a specific date, that might mean you can’t special-order the cabinetry you love.

Plan: Discuss your project timeline with your contractor so that you can make smart plans when work starts.

  • Cook! Your kitchen may be out of commission for months. If you don’t have a second kitchen, discuss moving the fridge and freezer to the garage and plugging in a toaster oven. Freeze casseroles you can defrost and cook so you’re not eating out every night.
  • Vacation? Consider taking a vacation while your kitchen is being remodeled. As long as your accessible via phone and email, this is a great way to deal with a lengthy project.

Our Team’s Process Makes Projects Easier.

Our time-tested process takes the three elements above into consideration. Our designers and project managers help you research, plan, and prioritize so you get the best kitchen remodel for your money. Contact a member of our team to get started.

Ready For A Kitchen Remodel?