Integrate These Lasting Trends Into Your McLean Bath Remodel.

A McLean bath remodel elevates your house and lifestyle for a lasting investment in your home. While we love trendy designs as much as the next person, not all trends last. After 37 years of bathroom remodeling in McLean and Northern Virginia, we’ve encountered all kinds of styles. Here are three that seem to last the test of time:

  1. Go White: It seems like a new color comes out every decade in acrylic and fiberglass tubs, toilets, and cabinetry. The next time you’re considering a gray toilet or fiberglass tub/shower, remember what you thought of your grandmother’s pink bathroom and reconsider. You’ll thank yourself later.
  2. Recessed Lighting: While recessed lighting has been around for decades, it didn’t become a mainstay of residential construction until the early 21st century. If you visit an older home, you’ll frequently see one overhead light fixture in the middle of the ceiling or no light fixture at all. Because recessed lighting is so practical, unobtrusive, and effective, it’s here to stay.
  3. Hand Showers: Whether they’re on a grab bar or just mounted to your shower arm, you will love having a hand shower. They’re great for rinsing down the shower, cleaning, washing kids, and bathing while seated. We love putting them on slide rails that serve as grab bars because they look great and add functional stability to your space.

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