Technology in the Kitchen.

Technology in the Kitchen — most of the time, we think of new technology in terms of the latest smart phone or tablet, but did you know that technology is a rapidly expanding sector of residential interior design? In your Alexandria, Annandale or other Northern Virginia home, everything from lighting to faucets to solid surfaces such as countertops are receiving technological updates and upgrades intended to simplify and enhance our daily lives.

Let’s take a look at a few new products designed specifically to enhance your kitchen!


Reducing touchpoints is a major way to keep our homes more hygienic. One of the highest touch areas of a kitchen is the faucet. Manufacturers such as Kohler and Delta have introduced beautiful touchless faucets in a wide range of finishes and styles perfect for kitchens both traditional and modern. A simple swipe of your hand at the sensor starts and stops the water flow without having to touch the faucet itself. Kohler’s Sensate Smart Faucet has voice-activated technology—you can ask it to pour specific amounts of water into a glass, measuring cup or pot. Delta has introduced a new VoiceIQ feature that allows you to tell the faucet specifically to wash your hands: the faucet turns on to wet your hands, turns off for 20 seconds to lather up and turns back on to rinse. Water can be turned on or at any time with a forearm, wrist or wave of a hand.

How convenient is that? We’ve all been in the middle of baking or touching raw meat and had to awkwardly wrestle the faucet on while trying not to touch it directly!

Range Hood

Spending more time at home means we are cooking at home more than we were pre-pandemic. Appliances are getting incredibly smart…they can’t “quite” cook the meal for us yet, but they can make the process a lot easier and more pleasant. Take for example new advances by GE and Samsung. GE’s new Kitchen Hub Smart Range Hood in their Profile line features a large touchscreen that has a cooking app and two cameras: one front-facing so you can chat with friends or family members Sawhile you cook and one that points down onto the rangetop so that you can stream your cooking adventures (or misadventures!).


Samsung’s 4-Door Refrigerator with Family Hub comes with a tablet screen built into the front of the refrigerator that acts as calendar and command center for the entire family’s use. This product will also present you with various meals, list ingredients needed and with a quick touch—the necessary items are on their way from your favorite grocery store or retailer. And for days when you’re shopping at a brick and mortar store and can’t recall if you have cilantro, this refrigerator has a built-in camera so that you can check the interior of the fridge. How brilliant is that?

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Written by: Rachel De For – Foster Remodeling Solutions Design Consultant

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