A McLean Kitchen Remodel Is Easy When You Follow These Guidelines.

There are so many elements to consider when planning a McLean kitchen remodel that sometimes it can feel overwhelming. Don’t get stressed! Our experienced team helps streamline your project with an eight step process that’s proven to work! Here’s how to embark on your kitchen remodeling project:


  • Style: Pay attention to the kitchens you see, notating what you do and don’t like about their look and function. While the pandemic has curtailed many social engagements, the internet has opened up endless possibilities to get a glimpse into the hubs of many homes. Check out online publications, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook to browse galleries and portfolios.
  • Budget: As you and your partner gather pictures and details, discuss and fine-tune your budget to ensure you are both on the same page when it comes to your project.
  • Get Estimates: Reach out to contractors referred by friends and family and those you find online to schedule in-person meetings to learn more about their design-build firm and to estimate your job.


  • Fine-Tune: Once you’ve chosen your designer and contractor, work with them to create a design and fine-tune the details. Prioritize what is on your “must-have” list and adjust other details to stay within your project scope.
  • Finance: If necessary, visit one of our financing partners to make arrangements to fund your project and investment in your home.
  • Schedule: We work with our clients to create a detailed schedule for the entire project. Collaborate with your dedicated project manager to ensure everyone is on the same page throughout the process.

Experience Goes A Long Way When It Comes To Remodeling.

Experience is everything when it comes to home remodeling. When you’re making a significant investment in your home, you need to feel confident in the team running the project. At Foster Remodeling Solutions, we’ve been designing and building kitchens, bathrooms, additions, sunrooms and more since 1983. We know the code requirements and homeowners’ association guidelines to ensure your McLean kitchen remodel is in good hands. Contact our team to learn more.

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