Foster Remodeling Solutions’ Contractors & Designers Rank High For Customer Satisfaction.

Our contractors and designers are so proud to have been included on Qualified Remodeler’s list of the top 100 remodeling firms for customer satisfaction. After more than 38 years of remodeling homes in Northern Virginia, we’re pleased to be recognized by this industry-leading publication. Learn more below and schedule a free consultation to get started transforming your home.

The Parameters Of The Award.

Qualified Remodeler teamed up with GuildQuality to evaluate more than 100,000 surveys and to track the relative importance of specific key service attributes like: quality, safety, communication and value. GuildQuality serves as a third-party facilitator of performance reviews and testimonials for contractors, home builders and other service providers. After decades in the industry, GuildQuality has a significant amount of data that reflects the time in which it was gathered. For example, a “safe jobsite” ranked higher in 2020 than it ever had before. Foster Remodeling Solutions has an all-time Recommend Rate of 99%. In 2020, we completed 45 projects with a Recommend Rate of 96%. Our design-build process is consistent and keeps our clients informed which is why we continue to rank so highly. Check out our profile in Qualified Remodeler!

our contractors and designers have won an award

Dream Big When You Work With Foster.

We bring dreams to life with stunning design-build transformations that elevate your home and improve your lifestyle. Our range of services extends from inside the home to the exterior. Here are our core remodeling services:

Our 8-step process keeps you informed through each phase of the design and construction for greater peace of mind. Best of all, our 5-year warranty provides unprecedented protection for your investment and the longevity of your space. Ready to work with experienced contractors and designers? Schedule a free consultation.

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