Don’t Leave These Out Of Your McLean Bath Remodel!

Are you planning a bath remodel for your McLean home? Make sure you consider all your options and learn about these innovative features you won’t want to miss!

Under-Floor Heating: Tile bathrooms are all the rage, and for a good reason. Tile holds up well to moisture and is relatively easy to clean. Unfortunately, tile is also cold to the touch, making a bathroom in winter feel positively frigid. Radiant heating is an excellent solution for making a cold tile bathroom feel warmer. With electric mats under the tile, your stone will feel comfortable to the touch. Best of all, radiant heat feels warmer than forced air because it heats all the surfaces in the space.

Bathroom remodel Arlington VA with stone tile and comfort height toilet with built in bidet

Smart Toilets & Washlets: Newer toilets offer innovative features similar to those in commercial bathrooms but designed for the home. Automatic flushing, concealed tanks with wall-mounted bowls and self-closing lids are clever additions to your bathroom remodel. Another option to consider is adding a washlet to your toilet. Washlets are similar to bidets, but they mount directly to the toilet bowl. All you need is an electrical outlet beyond the toilet, so they can even be added later.

Lorton Primary Bathroom remodel

Trench Drains: Trench drains replace traditional shower drains to create a seamless transition between the bathroom and the shower. They’ll make your space feel bigger while also allowing wheelchair access without looking like a hospital.

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