Our Guide To Getting The Most During Your Fairfax Bathroom Remodel.

A Fairfax bathroom remodel is a great project to update and add modern accessibility to your home. Our interior designers have some tried-and-true tips for keeping costs down while still creating a spa-like bathroom in your home. Check them out!

Maintain Your Original Footprint:

Bathroom remodeling gets more expensive when you start moving things around. If you’re trying to stick with a strict budget, consider keeping the toilet, shower and tub where they’re currently located. That will keep plumbing costs down since moving piping can sometimes increase the price.

Choose An Acrylic Shower Pan:

The cost of waterproofing tile shower floors can add up, but acrylic shower pans are affordable, stain-resistant and easy to clean. Keep in mind that you’ll have to stick to a standard size which won’t work in all situations.

Coordinate With Chrome:

Chrome faucets cost considerably less than any other finish. We recently compared the prices of a Delta Cassidy faucet in Chrome and Venetian Bronze. The bronze option costs 30% more. Need another benefit for choosing Chrome? It’s timeless, reflects light nicely and can go with almost anything.

White Is Timeless & Affordable:

White toilets, sinks, and tubs are typically less expensive than Biscuit (cream) or Bone (beige) options. One popular brand, Toto, charges at least 13% more for specialty colors than white. And remember, just like Chrome, white is timeless.

Price Your Dream Bathroom Remodel & A Budget-Friendly Option.

We don’t intend to push you to less expensive products with this guide. However, it is essential to know your options so you can pick and choose where you want to spend your money. We always recommend that people price their dream bathroom and then cut back where they can compromise to stay within their budget. Are you ready for your Fairfax bathroom remodel?