Plan Your Bath Remodel by Retrofitting Your Shower or Tub/Shower!

If you’re looking to add a little luxury to your everyday routine, a tub and shower remodel may be necessary for your Fairfax bath remodel. Upgrading your tub or shower can provide a spa-like experience, regardless of budget, and should be one of the first steps in your overall bathroom remodeling planning. These shower remodeling options will have you well on your way to your dream bathroom design.

Tub Vs. Walk-In Shower

Before you can start planning your Fairfax shower remodel, you’ll need to decide between a tub or walk-in shower. Many families with small children agree that bathtubs are a must-have in their home. Remodeling a tub/shower combo is a budget-friendly, straight-forward job due to the limited options available. On the flipside, elderly people tend to find it easier to bathe in a shower without tubs to step into. If you opt for the luxury of a walk-in shower, you’ll have many more factors to consider, such as doors, flooring, and walls, but the customization options are endless, and your shower will be one-of-a-kind.


Multi-Piece Units

While it may be possible to salvage your existing bathtub, a new tub will increase the longevity of your remodel. New bathtubs can be replaced with a multi-piece unit made of fiberglass or acrylic. These prefabricated kits come in a variety of options to fit any size and design aesthetic. Some even have elegant patterning that mimic the look of upscale tile.

Tub And Tile

You may opt to replace only the tub and install tile on the walls. While this option costs more for materials and installation than the multi-piece solution, it provides a balance between cost and luxury.

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Walk-In Showers

Wall Materials

When it comes to designing your spa-like shower, you’ll have a lot of design decisions to make, starting with the material for the walls. Tile is upscale and highly customizable and comes in all shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. Laying tile in a unique pattern will add refined character to the shower walls. You also have budget-friendly fiberglass and acrylic options for the walls, which come in a variety of prefabricated sizes to fit your space.

Shower Door

Choosing a frameless glass door allows light to flow through the room and adds a sophisticated touch. But if you’re feeling bold, a recent upscale trend is to remove the shower door entirely, allowing your shower to seamlessly blend with the rest of the bathroom.

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Exterior Windows In The Shower

Some older homes have tub/showers with windows. Don’t be concerned if the window falls directly in the footprint of your gorgeous new shower. In fact, a window in your shower could add some much-needed light and ventilation. Using tile around the window allows you to waterproof the frame and make it feel like an intentional custom addition.

Design-Build Is Ideal for Your Bath Remodel

The options for your Fairfax bathroom remodel are endless. Sometimes all the decisions can feel overwhelming, but at the end of the day it comes down to the level of elegance you want to infuse in your bathroom, and your budget. Hiring a design-build remodeling company can save you headache and heartache over the course of your project. A Foster Design Consultant is standing by to walk you through the process and bring your Fairfax bath remodel dreams to life.

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