How To Get The Lighting Right In Your Kitchen Remodel.

Proper Lighting Boosts Productivity & Safety.

Lighting for your Falls Church kitchen remodel should be included in the initial design of your new space. After all, nothing can make a gorgeous new kitchen fall flat quite like improper lighting. Involving a Foster Remodeling designer in your planning is a smart decision because lighting isn’t just about aesthetics—when it comes to slicing and dicing, proper lighting is a must-have for your safety. 

Address Common Lighting Problems.

Before you begin your kitchen remodel, take some time to look at your existing kitchen. Where are the light fixtures placed? What do you like and dislike about the lighting? Are there certain color temperatures you prefer? Some of the most common problems homeowners have with their lighting are:

  • Not enough task lighting
  • Too much of one type of lighting
  • Variations in color temperature

Develop A Plan For Layered Lighting.

As you design your lighting for your kitchen remodel, use a layered approach. Layered lighting refers to a combination of lighting types that harmoniously work to create a comfortable, functional space. In the kitchen, this technique involves three types of lighting:

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Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the most basic form of lighting because it simply allows you to see around the room. Many homeowners opt for overhead recessed lighting in the kitchen, but surface-mount fixtures create nice ambient light as well.

kitchen remodeling, Leesburg, VA with Mediterranea Chicago brick backsplash and Cambria quartz countertops

Task Lighting

Task lighting illuminates and increases the visibility of prep and surface areas. It should be brighter and more focused than ambient lighting to offer increased precision. Under cabinet lighting, which comes standard with a Foster Kitchen Remodel, is a beautiful way to illuminate lower countertops. Over an island or peninsula, pendant lights and even track lighting work well.

Annandale Kitchen remodel with Koch Imperial cabinets with glass inlay and lighting feature.

Accent Lighting

This form of lighting is the best way to accent the special features of your gorgeous new kitchen remodel. Accent lighting adds sophistication and depth to your space and lands between ambient and task lighting on the brightness scale. Some homeowners choose to add accent lighting behind glass cabinet doors to highlight their fine China. Others may use it to emphasize architectural details such as a coffered ceiling.

Layered Lighting Creates A Comfortable Space. 

By using a layered approach, your lighting will feel more balanced. You’ll have fewer shadows, usually caused by too much overhead lighting, and less glare from too much bright task lighting. Layered lighting can even reduce eye strain, creating a comfortable, relaxing space. Once your Falls Church kitchen remodel is complete with the perfect lighting design, it will be the hub of social gatherings. 

Simplify Your Kitchen Remodel.

Any home remodeling job comes with its fair share of headaches. Foster Remodeling Solutions is a design-build firm dedicated to simplifying the process for Falls Church homeowners. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with tough design decisions, our expert team of interior design consultants can guide the planning for you. They work directly with our experienced production team to ensure your project stays on track and budget.

Let’s start planning the lighting design for your kitchen remodel today!