7 Remodeling Tips To Turn Your Basement Into A Home Office.

Get The Perfect Alexandria Home Office With Basement Remodeling.

Remodeling your basement may be the best way to create a home office while making the most of existing square footage. Sure, the cold, dark basement might not seem like the ideal workspace, but with a little creativity and planning, it can offer you a comfortable, private home office away from household distractions. Don’t worry—if your basement office vision is falling flat, Foster Remodeling’s designers can infuse you with inspiration.

1. Identify Your Office Footprint.

The first step to creating a home office is to assess your basement. How is your family using the space? How much square footage do you have to spare? Do you need separation from noisy areas, such as playrooms or media rooms? This initial assessment will help you determine the placement and size of your new office space. 

2. Make A Plan For Areas Of Concern. 

Are there issues with moisture? Do you need to put up walls? During the initial phase of the process, areas of concern must be identified so that a solution can be built into the remodeling plan. 

3. Insulate The Walls.

Adding insulation to exterior walls is a must. This will help keep your office space warm and comfortable year-round. If noise is a concern, insulating common interior walls can help minimize sound and muffle echo during Zoom calls.

4. Upgrade The Light Fixtures

If you have lots of natural light flooding your basement, consider yourself lucky. Since most Alexandria basements are located underground, natural light can be hard to come by, so don’t skimp on lighting. The lighting in your home office can impact your comfort and productivity, so we recommend a combination of overhead lighting, task lamps, and ambient lighting. Select warm, dimmable bulbs, so you can adjust them as needed. 

5. Refresh The Floors

As with any basement remodel, moisture should always be a consideration for your material selections. You’ll want to choose a durable, fully waterproof material that feels warm and comfortable underfoot. Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring is great for below-grade installation and can be installed on any subfloor thanks to its waterproof nature. Add a plush rug to warm it up and soften the acoustics. 

6. Build Custom Cabinetry

A great office space needs storage. As does a basement. If you’ve commandeered basement storage space for your home office, wall-to-wall cabinetry is a great way to add it back. Plus, it hides the clutter and keeps things organized.

7. Add & Upgrade Outlets

Your home office is likely loaded with technology. You’ll need power for your computer, monitors, printer, speakers, lamps, and charging ports too. With a list so long, be sure not to overlook the outlets during your remodel. Better yet, upgrade your new outlets to include USB ports for added convenience. 

CAD drawing

Foster’s Design-Build Remodeling Process Makes It Easy. 

One of the advantages of working with a design-build firm is having knowledgeable interior designers and a full production team on your side. We can design your dream home office and develop solutions for the challenges that come with Alexandria basement remodeling. Your new workspace will keep you productive and happy day after day. Let’s get started!

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