At Foster, We Put You First.

We care about our clients and focus on your experience during and after your remodeling or home improvement project. We respect your concerns and address your claims efficiently so you can get back to enjoying your new space. We offer an industry-leading warranty on all of our services and products, and have a system in place to honor our promise.

  • Our Remodeling Warranty
  • We offer a 5 -year material and workmanship warranty on all our remodeling jobs.
  • Our Home Services Warranty
  • We offer a 2-year material and workmanship warranty on all our home improvement

Our Warranty Is Our Commitment To You.

At the completion of each project, we personally deliver a warranty binder to include:

  • Care and cleaning instructions for all products
  • Any applicable manuals for appliances and home automation, etc.
  • Instructions on submitting your warranty claim

We walk you through the information ensuring you understand the do’s and don’ts for your new space, its finishes, and materials. The first step in maintaining your investment is knowing how to care for it. For Foster, it’s all part of the process and our promise to you.

Our Friendly Remodeling Keeps Family In Mind.

Everybody’s heard horror stories of remodeling that feature budgets blown, timelines obliterated, and dusty spaces hardly fit for pets and kids. With Foster Remodeling Solutions, Inc., remodeling is different. Our time-tested process honors your budget and timeline. We leave each project “broom-clean” at the end of the day. It’s our way of of respecting you and valuing your choice in Foster to be your remodeler for life.