Our Designs Make Your Bathroom Remodel A Reality.

A bathroom remodel can help you start and end each day in a space you love. We take care of you when you work with Foster Remodeling Solutions, Inc. Our experienced designers work with you and your family to create beautiful, calming bathrooms to meet your needs. Our innovative design software lets you virtually walk through the design to get it just right before construction begins. We make the finish selection process easy by bringing popular options to our newly remodeled 3,500 sq. foot showroom.

In-House Expertise Streamlines Your Remodeling Project.

A lasting remodel requires experienced professionals to build spaces to meet the code requirements and functional needs of your family. At Foster Remodeling Solutions, Inc. our licensed team is not limited to the current confines of your bathroom. We can tear down walls, reconfigure closets and take advantage of unused areas of your home to provide functional bathrooms the whole family can enjoy. Most importantly, we do it by the book and we do it right.

Design-Build Is A Smart Investment In Northern Virginia.

We offer comprehensive design-build services to keep your project on task and budget. Our designers, carpenters, and production managers coordinate every phase of your remodeling so you can depend on the timeline, budget, and scope you expect. Our process ensures consistency through each phase of the project and our attention to detail leaves no element untended.

When You Choose Foster, You Become Family.

We call our clients our “Foster family” because the relationships we build are warm and long lasting. Since 1983, we’ve provided honest and consistent services for all your bathroom remodeling needs. Our process brings a streamlined approach to your remodeling and our expert craftsmanship guarantees a durability and excellence we warranty. Contact a member of our team to learn how Foster Remodeling Solutions, Inc. builds the bathrooms of your dreams.

Plan For Your Bathroom Remodel.

Bathroom remodeling is a process that comes with a timeline, because you don’t want to be left without a functioning bathroom for too long. This process can sometimes get derailed by forces outside the contractor’s control, but with continuous communication and some flexibility, you will survive this process and will love the outcome!

Make Sure You Know What You Want.

One of the biggest challenges that crops up when trying to schedule the work for a bathroom renovation is change orders. If you’re changing the footprint of your bathroom, make sure that you are fully decided on what walls are moving where. If you decide to change this halfway through the process, you will face delays, greater expense and you may have to wait for supplies.

Once you make your material choices for your renovation, you’ll want to get with your contractor to double check your measurements and the materials you’ll need, particularly if you’re changing or adding tile.

Expect The Unexpected With Bathroom Remodeling.

Your new bathroom will also need plumbing fixtures including faucets, hardware and drains. If you plan on new flooring, your contractor may find damage to the subfloor. Bathrooms are notoriously wet, so water damage should not be a surprise. In this case, be ready for your cabinetry to need to come out and may need to be replaced.

Tearing out a bathroom is a messy process. If you’re re-doing a master bathroom, you’ll have a construction crew traveling through your bedroom until this process is done. Be ready for some dust and some extra vacuuming. No matter how careful the crew is, demolition is a dirty process.

Enjoy the Process!

Once you’ve chosen your materials and you’re settled on any footprint changes, you’ll be happiest if you prepare mentally for your bathroom remodeling to be a six-week process. If it’s done early, you can be pleased that your contract beat the timeline!

Your new bathroom will be wonderful and completely worth the mess and disruption. Do your homework before the project starts so your certain of what you want, don’t make any changes once things get rolling and stay patient. Remember to relax, stay calm and enjoy watching your new dream space take shape for a Northern Virginia bathroom remodel you love!

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