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At Foster Remodeling, we have spent over 30 years providing the highest quality of home remodeling services, home renovation and home addition construction. We’ve included information on some of our most popular remodeling services. We work closely with our customers to provide them with expert renovation services of any size or scale.

Kitchen Remodeling

Over the past decade, the kitchen has undergone a transition from a functional room to one that serves almost as a secondary hearth of the home where the family gathers together throughout the day and evening.

From minor kitchen remodeling to an entire kitchen remodel, we pride ourselves on transforming your kitchen into the gorgeous, family-friendly room you desire. We are also able to go above and beyond simply remodeling your existing kitchen space to create your dream kitchen.

Our expert team can provide detailed structural work that allows us to reconfigure the kitchen without the limitations of existing walls. We also work closely with our professional design team to make the most functional use of every inch of your kitchen space, all while keeping in line with the most popular kitchen design trends.

Bathroom Remodeling

Your home’s bathroom is where you get ready each morning for the day ahead, and where you wind down after a busy day and prepare for a restful night’s sleep. We think that you should be able to start and end every day in a gorgeous, calming space that you love.

Our innovative designers utilize state-of-the-art software to virtually design your dream bathroom prior to construction ever beginning. You will be able to gain inspiration for your bathroom renovation by visiting our 3,500-square-foot showroom that will make your dream bathroom a reality.

Remodeling your bathroom doesn’t just mean revamping your current space and fixtures. If you want to expand your kitchen, reconfigure cabinet and closet space, or even add a brand new bathroom that will increase your home’s value, our licensed team can do any range of structural remodeling.

Whole Home Remodeling

We believe in turning your house into your vision of a dream home. We know that no home is absolutely “perfect” when you buy it, but a great remodeling job can make your home perfect in your eyes! Our team of professionals will provide you with complete control of your remodel and will work with you to set clear expectations about what will happen during every phase of the remodeling and construction process.

More Than 30 Years of Expert Remodeling Experience

David Foster founded Foster Remodeling in 1983 with the goal of bringing to reality the passion and work ethic for remodeling that he had been developing since he was just 13 years. At Foster Remodeling, we take great pride in not only the work that we do, but we work closely with our clients to build long-lasting relationships of trust and mutual respect. Our services are honest, consistent and always of top quality.

Since our company’s founding, our home remodeling contractors in Springfield and all our service areas work together to provide our clients with the very best results in home remodeling and home additions.

Our Remodeling Process and Timelines

No matter how minimal or expansive the scope of work for your project is, we believe in creating an exceptionally detailed plan of action that lays out every element of the process and comes complete with a granular budget. We start by meeting you in your home to discuss your specific vision for your home remodeling process. This involves taking detailed measures and discussing the initial budget.

Our team then uses advanced software to create a 3D rendering of our design. The next step is to meet in our 3,500-square-foot showroom to review the rendering, make any changes and gain inspiration from the showroom. Our goal is to work together to have every step of the process visually presented and agreed upon before we ever begin construction.

Why Choose Foster Remodeling?

Our clients choose Foster Remodeling because when it comes to remodeling your home, we do things right and we always do it by the book. We provide fully-comprehensive design services that keep your remodel or home addition on schedule and on budget. We believe in having detailed pre-construction meeting to make sure everyone is fully on the same page.

We also want you to be able to go on with your day-to-day activities with the least amount of interruption. We take into account things like the needs of your children, any pets in the home, access to entrances and exits, and the consistent protection of the things inside your home.

Every member of the Foster Remodeling team works together as a cohesive unit. Our carpenters, designers and production managers are all in constant communication throughout every step of the remodeling process. This gives us the ability to give you a timeline, project scope and a budget that you can depend on! We leave no detail unattended to. You can trust that not only do we provide a quality remodel in your home, but we also do it with care and integrity.

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