One of the latest trends today for remodeling is an in-law suite. This is an area transformed into a living space for your parents or your in-laws. The feature can be anything as an apartment over a garage, a basement suite, a detached room, or a stand-alone apartment. This remodeling can be just a simple amenity like a bedroom or a full-scale project.

People will say that it is hard living with an aging parent. You will be faced with a unique challenge on your part. This is true when it concerns one who is sickly. Members of this age group are the most vulnerable when it comes to accidents in and around the house.

But with in-law suites,major changes will be made into your household. As it is not a part of the house’s original design. These changes are added to prevent accidents from happening and as mentioned give accessibility. In-law suites commonly feature various alterations to improved your aging parents’ living standards.

  • Replacing bathtubs with walk-in showers
  • Installation of safety rails
  • Expansion of doorways and passageways
  • Installation of a stair lift
  • Adjusting the height of door handles, light switches, and doorbells at a fitting level

A good design team will also help you predict the needs of your loved ones. This goes more than just the usual bed and shower. You will be given other ideas to think about too. Like the space in your house where your parents will spend their mornings and evenings. You will also need to consider their hobbies. You will need to give them that space for sewing, knitting, and reading. A space for these pastimes can be a great feature on your in-law suite design.

You will be amazed to know that a lot of professionals are giving this new trend a positive reply. Because they all agree on the idea. That they should give space in their homes for an elderly relative. If you haven’t considered living with your in-laws, then these benefits will persuade you to remodel your house. Benefits that will give good memories for your family through the years to come.

  • A bond will be built between your children and their grandparents. Promoting closer family ties
  • As working professionals, you will now have the benefit of having a warm cooked meal. Most parents are good cooks and you now have something deliciously prepared ready on the table before you arrived.

Retrofitting your home for a loved one is no small task. You will need space requirements and specific design elements.Take note, that in-law suites need not be big in size. All it needs is to have the necessary features and amenities. Besides these, you will be dealing with a lot of emotional issues. For some, this is a life-changing event. You should have your eyes wide open and be realistic in your expectations. Know the limitations at hand so that the transition for both of you will be a smooth process.

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