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Relationships Are Important To Us

This is not a post about our business, but about our family.

The relationships we build with our beloved customers and our devoted team members inspire us to be the best version of ourselves. We are deeply proud of the ‘family’ we have built with Foster Remodeling Solutions. But outside of the business, our blood relatives and family come first—always. This is one of the core values that make us who we are.

Some of you may know that David has five treasured sisters. His sister, Karen, passed away in March 2022 after a year long battle with cancer. She was just finishing up her very first novel. Publishing her book was a lifelong dream of Karen’s, so David and his sisters have come together to ensure her dream becomes a reality.

On June 13, 2023 the Fosters are deeply honored to accomplish Karen’s dream. Her book “Reasons For Waking” will be released! ❤️ We may be biased, but we love her novel—it’s about the deep emotions involved in healing important relationships. We are so proud of Karen’s talent and hope you’ll take a moment to review her beautiful story. Her book is available now on Amazon or at your favorite bookseller. It is also available for Kindle and as an audiobook.

book cover of Reasons for Waking

About the Book….

Years after traumatic events nearly destroy two families, Reasons for Waking explores the paths those families take to recovery and reconciliation. Philip, a professor in a small Southern university town is approached by the daughter of the man who apparently caused his family’s long-ago tragedy. Together they join forces to retrace the events that upended both their lives and eventually manage to peel away years of misunderstanding, evasion, and estrangement to discover the truth. Throughout, the steady presence of Philip’s affectionate black Lab gives his life purpose and provides distance from others—until eventually, as the truth of the long-ago events is revealed, he finds that he has other reasons for living. Family secrets are exposed, and the walls that Philip built between himself and the world begin to crumble. Reasons for Waking explains a family mystery that shows how frayed our connections can become when we try to skirt the truth, and how facing the truth can heal us.

To learn more about David Foster’s sister, Karen, and to learn more about her book, please visit: Reasons for

image of Karen Foster with her dog
Foster family with Karen Foster author Reasons for Waking
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