Kelly’s Design Tips: Tri-Colored Kitchens

In this edition of Kelly’s Design Tips: Tri-Colored Kitchens, she will explain the popularity of this new design trend.

One emerging trend I love and is gaining significant popularity in remodeling projects is the concept of a three-toned kitchen. Not too long ago, the design landscape transitioned from monochromatic kitchens to the charm of two-toned kitchens. Homeowners eagerly embraced the notion of kitchens adorned with two distinct cabinet shades or islands complementing each other. Trade professionals were equally eager to bring this vision to life. However, the latest kitchen trend takes things to a whole new level by seamlessly integrating three distinct colors within a single, harmonious space.

3D rendering 01 of tri-colored kitchen with beige upper cabinets, white lower cabinets and dark brown island
3D rendering 03 of tri-colored kitchen with beige upper cabinets, white lower cabinets and dark brown island

Design Strategy

When I designed this kitchen, I opted for different colors for your lower island cabinets and contrasting them with the upper cabinetry introduces a sense of character and uniqueness to your kitchen. The result is a visually stunning and intricately layered effect. Here are several methods to achieve this captivating three-toned kitchen:

Cabinet Colors:

  • Choose a main color for the majority of your cabinets. This could be a neutral like white, cream, or gray.
  • Select a contrasting color for an accent set of cabinets. This can be a bold color like navy blue, forest green, or even a vibrant red.
  • Use a third color for open shelving, or glass-fronted cabinets, if applicable. This could be a lighter or darker shade of one of the main colors.


  • Opt for a countertop color that complements the cabinet colors. For instance, if you have white cabinets, you might choose a light countertop with black or dark gray veining. If you have blue cabinets, a lighter gray or white countertop could work well.


  • The backsplash is an opportunity to introduce a third color or pattern. It can tie together the cabinet and countertop colors. This could be a bold patterned tile, a different shade of one of the main colors, or even a contrasting color.
3D rendering 02 of tri-colored kitchen with beige upper cabinets, white lower cabinets and dark brown island
3D rendering 04 of tri-colored kitchen with beige upper cabinets, white lower cabinets and dark brown island

Wall Color:

  • Consider using the third color on the walls. This can help tie the entire color scheme together. Alternatively, you could opt for a neutral color on the walls to provide a backdrop for the colorful elements in the kitchen.


  • If possible, choose a flooring material and color that complements the overall color scheme. This could be a neutral shade that doesn’t clash with the other colors in the room.

Accents and Accessories:

  • Use small appliances, utensils, and other kitchen accessories to introduce pops of color that complement the tri-color scheme. For example, if you have blue cabinets, you might use red or yellow accents.

Lighting Fixtures:

  • Consider pendant lights or chandeliers that add a metallic accent. This can provide a touch of elegance and tie in with the overall color scheme.

Balance and Proportion:

  • Ensure that the colors are balanced throughout the space. You don’t want one color to dominate excessively. Each color should have its place and contribute to the overall aesthetic.
Examples of products layed out in Foster Remodeling showroom. Cabinets, quartz, paint colors.

Mood Board

Remember, the key to a successful tri-colored kitchen is balance and cohesion. Experiment with different shades and combinations to find what works best for your space and personal style. It’s also a good idea to create a mood board or sample board with swatches of the chosen colors to visualize how they’ll look together.

At Foster Remodeling Solutions, we understand the importance of blending aesthetics and functionality in your home. Our over 3,500 square foot interior design showroom serves as a treasure trove of inspiration, offering a wide array of products and design ideas to help you achieve the perfect tri-colored kitchen. This project was born out of the creative possibilities we’ve discovered within our showroom, and we’re excited to share these ideas with you to create a kitchen that not only looks stunning but also functions seamlessly in your daily life.

Written by: Kelly Tenorio – Design Consultant – Foster Remodeling Solutions, Inc.