Looking for home remodeling contractors in Alexandria VA? There are many reasons that homeowners should consider Foster Remodeling for any work they need — including kitchen and bathroom renovations, general home remodeling, and home additions.

At Foster Remodeling, we employ more than a general contractor. We have designers who help with planning, as well as having a remodeling contractor. Our team of experts cover all areas of construction and rehabilitation of both interior and exterior features.

Home remodeling contractors work with your existing structure. They can add or remove support walls, change existing layouts, and cut new entryways. Many people choose whole home remodeling versus just fixing up one space at a time because it upgrades their entire property and systems all at once, so they do not have to be inconvenienced over and over again. The cost of a whole home remodel may be too expensive, so Foster Remodeling offers kitchen renovation and simple upgrades, such as new windows and doors.

Home Renovation Process at Foster Remodeling Solutions Inc.

There are several steps involved in a home renovation, whether you are considering a whole home remodeling project or a kitchen renovation. The first step begins with a meeting at the property where you can show us what you have in mind. We will take some photographs and measurements. This meeting can take some time because we want to gather as much information as possible and get a clear idea of what you want to accomplish.

Some ways to prepare for this initial meeting are to have a general description of what you want completed and the materials and style you prefer. At this first meeting, our team member can give you some general ballpark prices, and this will help refine what you want even more.

After that meeting, our designers will create a 3D rendered plan. There is a small fee involved with the plans because of the work involved in creating the materials. Once we have the plans, we can make adjustments as necessary and discuss timeframes. We will form a written contract that spells out all of these details, and then we can move forward with the physical construction. Some things our staff will go over with you are access to the home, hours of operation, and general timelines of the plan. Each day we will leave the area swept up, and you will slowly begin to see the changes.

Fosters Remodeling Solutions has been in the construction and planning business for almost four decades. The company began with David Foster, and he has been keeping up with technology, construction codes, and trends ever since. Foster’s business has many offices on the east coast, including Alexandria.


Our customers can also take advantage of Foster’s handyman services, which give owners access to skilled labor. Our maintenance and repair professionals can tackle projects around the house for you, such as changing light fixtures, caulking drafty doors and windows, and fixing leaky faucets. Homes need general maintenance all of the time, and our specialized team was created for just these sorts of projects.

Outside Projects

Exterior work is another area where our professionals can assist you. If you are looking to add a barbeque patio or wooden deck, we can create plans and do the work. An excellent way to keep your home energy efficient is to replace old windows with new weather-resistant models. Some other ways to make your home more efficient is making sure you have lighting that uses very little energy and kitchen appliances that are modern and energy efficient. Foster Remodeling can replace all of these fixtures with the makes and models of your choosing.

Alterations for Aging in Place

People can live in their home longer if the layout is altered to fit their physical needs, making everyday tasks safer and more convenient. This type of construction is called aging in place design.

All areas of a home can be modified to fit the older population. Some common fixes that Foster Remodeling can do are widening doorways, which allows for wheelchair, walker, and scooter access; changing out a tub for a walk-in shower stall; and adding ramps and removing stairs. Older people can live at home for many years with some adjustments.

Adding Square Footage

If you want to add square footage to your house, there are several methods to consider. It all depends on how you want the final home to look and how much space you have to grow.

If you have a large lot, you may have room for a pool or in-law home. These houses are like small apartments or studios, and they are detached from the main house. They will have similar features of a big house, and codes and regulations may determine many of those things. The Foster Remodeling team will know those and explain your options to you.

Another option may be to “grow up” with a second story addition. We can help you decide if adding a second story is the best alternative for making more rooms. Many basements can also be modified into living spaces with a few changes.

Additions are a standard method of increasing living space, and should flow naturally back into the original house so they do not look like a box or a strange shape stuck on the side of your home. The addition’s roof should work with the existing structure, so water flows from one to the other and to the ground. Proper drainage is needed to prevent water from backing up into the roof and causing damage.

Kitchen and Bath Remodels

Kitchen and bathroom remodels can refresh an old home. The remodels can involve removing all of the cabinets, fixtures, and drywall. Once the drywall is removed, new plumbing and electrical can be added to accommodate modern appliances. New cabinets can make more storage in your kitchen, and the countertops can add beauty and function.

In the bathroom, you can create a private oasis with a jetted tub or make space by adding in bigger bathroom vanities or closets. It’s really all up to you and your imagination!

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