We Design And Build For All Ages.

Safety is the one consistent element in each project we design and build. We believe your home should be a comfortable space for the whole family from elders wanting to stay at home to small children just beginning to explore their surroundings. We integrate aging-in-place design so you have wider doors, slip resistant tile, and comfort height toilets before you even need them. You’re never too young to think about aging-in-place design for safe, independent living.

Smart Design Builds Safer Bathrooms.

A bathroom is the perfect place to focus on aging-in-place design. With hard, slick surfaces, your bathroom can be one of the most dangerous areas of your home. Bathroom remodels, in-law suites, and master suites from Foster Remodeling Solutions, Inc., are just a few places you can include aging-in-place design features. Curbless showers, taller height vanity cabinets, and areas to sit and apply makeup are just a few of the many elements we include in our comprehensive design plans.

Safe Does Not Mean Ugly.

Accessible spaces don’t have to look like a hospital. Grab bars, walk-in tubs, handicapped kitchen cabinetry, and much more are available in more attractive and decorative designs than previously existed. Check out our showroom to get an idea of the style and finishes that work best for your home. Our designers and showroom consultants guide you through your selections ensuring all elements coordinate.

Our Process Keeps It Easy.

Foster Remodeling Solutions, Inc., brings a time-tested process to each of our remodeling projects. Since 1983, we’ve delivered comprehensive design-build services in an organized, clear, and durable fashion. We stand behind our work with a warranty designed to maintain your investment. When you choose Foster you’ll find a family-focused team committed to building the safe space of your dreams.

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