4 Ways to Make Your Home Design More Kid-Friendly

When you’re planning what types of changes to make to your home during your next design & build project, don’t forget the kids. If you have small children or there’s one on the way, consider how to make your home more kid-friendly while you’re making other changes. Let’s face it, most homes are built for adults. The kitchen countertops are too high for four-year-olds to see over, and you probably have a step stool in the bathroom so your munchkins can brush their teeth. Not only are some non-child-friendly features disheartening for little ones who feel like they’re always missing out on the action, but they can also create inconveniences for parents trying to keep them safe under a watchful eye. Here are four ways to make your home design more kid-friendly.

Walls and Open Spaces
Is there a clear line of sight between the kitchen and the area where the kids like to gather before dinner? If they get to watch a little TV or have some gaming time while you’re cheffing in the kitchen, you might sometimes wish the walls were invisible. Consider opening up the dividing wall between the kitchen and the adjoining living room or lowering the wall to a height where you can see the kids from your cooktop.

When putting in a new addition, you’ll probably want to add a staircase somewhere for convenience. A long flight of stairs can unnerve some adults, so imagine how you’ll feel if your toddler is suddenly gazing down the long staircase and you’re 20 feet away. Consider using short flights with a landing in the middle, creating ramps or even installing an elevator. Ask your contractor about local zoning regulations that might affect your ideas.

Kitchen Appliances
Your kitchen can be a place of comfort for children. Having a low shelf or drawer in your refrigerator makes it friendlier for thirsty kids. Don’t be shy about putting in some low shelves in your cabinets for pans and dishes. Create a pull-out drawer to make it easier for children to help clean up the kitchen. They can dry the pots and pans or at least put them away. When planning your kitchen remodel, see what’s available in appliances that have cool-to-touch surfaces, like your toaster, so they’ll stay safe.

Anti-Microbial Surfaces
Did you know that copper and copper-based alloys like brass and bronze are naturally anti-microbial? If you’re concerned about kids and germs, give some thought to what materials you’re using on handles to doors and drawers.

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