Why You Want An Experienced General Contractor Who Builds To Code.

Hiring a licensed and insured general contractor is the first step in remodeling your house into the home of your dreams. The next step is ensuring your general contractor is committed to building and remodeling your space to meet the code requirements of your area. A project not built to code or without the specific permits necessary can be a nightmare waiting to happen. Here’s what can happen if your GC doesn’t do the project by the book:

  • No Permit: Remodeling a bathroom or building an addition without applying for and receiving a legal permit means your project isn’t legally recognized. Nobody from the city or county has inspected the work of your general contractor so it may not meet the code requirements of your area. This means that when you go to sell your home, you have to disclose the work was not completed with a permit and potentially pay thousands for the space to be reworked to meet the code requirements. Save yourself the hassle and money by hiring a general contractor who does it right, from the start.
  • Safety: Spaces not built to code may be dangerous. Faulty electrical systems, the removal of load bearing walls, and poorly installed natural gas connections are just a few areas where poor installation can be extremely dangerous to your family and even neighbors.
  • Liability: If you’ve had some work done on your home without it being inspected to meet code requirements, you could be liable when you go to sell your home. When an experienced general contractor is on the job, he or she assumes responsibility for the work. If it’s not permitted and inspected to meet code, you might be responsible later on.
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Foster Remodeling Solutions Inc. Builds All Projects To Code.

We’re committed to honoring our client’s investments by building each project to the code requirements of their area. From in-law suites to whole home remodeling, our process includes full vetting of your project by local inspectors. When you choose Foster, you’re choosing high-quality design-build professionals with the experience to do the job right.

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