An In-Law Suite Gives You The Best of Both Worlds!

An intelligently designed in-law suite creates independent spaces for families who live together. According to the Pew Research Center, as of 2014 19% of the U.S. population lived in multi-generational homes. With that number on the rise, in-law suites are becoming a popular project in home remodeling. Creating separate spaces for grandparents can truly give you the best of both worlds. Kids keep an eye on their parents and grandparents help look after grandkids while solidifying relationships and keeping everyone safe!

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Working With Experienced Professionals Helps Answer The Hard Questions.

Transforming your existing home to accommodate a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchenette requires an experienced designer who can navigate the tricky nuances of family dynamics, space, and style. Whether you commit to a whole home remodeling project or plan an addition, here are some elements to consider when planning your project:

  • Separate Entry: Do you want a separate exterior entrance into your in-law suite? A separate entry maintains the privacy and autonomy of every member of the household.
  • Kitchen: Does Grandma love to bake and cook? Do you need a small kitchenette or a full kitchen in your space?
  • Mobility: Are there issues or concerns regarding the mobility of any of your home’s residents? Consider wider doors and hallways to accommodate wheelchairs and eliminate steps from your design.
  • Aging-In-Place: Aging-in-place design integrates safety into every aspect of your design. Plan for accessible bathrooms and an open concept to keep everyone safe.

Get the whole family together to discuss these elements so you feel confident when starting your project.

Foster Remodeling Solutions Inc. Designs Seamlessly Flowing Spaces.

At Foster Remodeling Solutions Inc, we’re experienced at navigating family dynamics to get to the heart of a design that creates space for everyone. We highlight the beauty and style of your home while creating separate spaces that flow from one to the other without feeling choppy. Contact a member of our team to discuss your project.

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