basement remodels give you the crafting space you'll love

How To Get The Most From Your Basement Remodeling Project.

Basement remodeling is a fantastic opportunity to custom design a space to accommodate your hobbies and interests and add additional square footage. With more than 36 years of remodeling in Northern Virginia, we’ve designed and built a variety of basements with different priorities. Here are our top 4 Basement Remodeling Tips.

  • Basement Wet Bar: We added a wine cellar under the stairs to this basement bar.
  • Basement Gym: With plenty of space for a treadmill and weight rack, our clients can work out in the comfort of their own home.
  • Basement Family Room: The whole family can get together and watch movies in this comfortable basement retreat.
  • Basement Craft Area: This avid sewer and crafter got the space of her dreams with this cleverly designed basement.

4 Tips For A Smart Basement Remodel.

Our remodeling experience has taught us there are certain aspects of basement remodeling you want to address to enjoy your space for years to come:

  • How Do You Plan To Use Your Basement? Determine what you want to do in the basement so it can be designed appropriately. A home theater may require home automation and surround-sound while a gym needs durable, easy to clean flooring.
  • Address Moisture Issues: Basements can be damp. Address all moisture issues with your project so your investment holds up over time.
  • Add A Bathroom: You may not think a bathroom is necessary for the basement, but once you start hanging out down there, you’ll change your mind. Plan for a bathroom at the very beginning.
  • Invest In Lighting: Dark basements aren’t inviting. Work with your designer to ensure recessed lighting creates a warm and comfortable glow throughout your living space.

Foster’s Team Has You Covered.

Our experienced team walks you through each phase of our process so you get the basement remodeling project you deserve. Smart design elevates your home and solidifies your investment. Contact a member of our team to learn more.

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