McLean, VA home remodeling kitchen remodel with Crystal cabinets with Meadowland door style and Calcutta Silestone countertops

Choosing Your General Contractor Is One Of The Most Important Decision You’ll Make.

Picking the right general contractor for your remodeling project is critical to getting the remodel you deserve. Ask friends and family for referrals to create a list of potential candidates to interview. Once you’ve established that list and scheduled your in-person meeting, ask them for the following information:

  • Portfolio: Ask to see a portfolio of their work. Check out the details and the project scope to see if your needs are in-line with their experience.
  • Referrals: Ask for a list of references you can call or email directly. Ask them what they liked about working with their general contractor or if there is anything they would change.
  • Process: Ask all contractors for a detailed explanation of their process. Listen to see if they can explain it clearly. That’s usually an indication if this is an outline they follow consistently.
  • Warranty: Ask them to describe their warranty and the process of submitting a warranty claim.
  • Timeline: Ask them to detail the expected timeline for your project. Clarify how they handle unexpected situations that may come up, especially in regards to how those affect the timeline. Do they add time to the end of the job or do they come back after another project? Make sure you’re on the same page before getting started.
  • Project Manager: Ask them if there will be a dedicated project manager on the job each day. Clarify who will be your point of contact throughout the project.

Research, Plan, And Prioritize Yourself To A Better Remodeling Experience.

Researching ahead of time the people and products for your remodeling project gives you more confidence when work starts. Planning appropriately and prioritizing your expectations helps you enjoy the experience from start to finish. At Foster Remodeling Solutions, we walk our clients through every aspect of their design-build project with our time-tested process. An experienced team builds confidence to get you the remodeling project you deserve.

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