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Current Trends in Kitchen Design

Current Trends in Kitchen Design, whether timeless or fleeting, are able to elevate your kitchen remodel from the ordinary to the extraordinary. The trick with trends is in deciding which ones you are willing to invest in. Timeless trends, subway tile, marble, neutrals, natural materials, will never go out of style. Trends of the moment, bronze/gold finishes, statement faucets, mixed metals, barn doors, may eventually go out of fashion. However, in general, even trends of the moment tend to remain in style for a number of years. The question you will need to ask yourself is, do I love this trend enough to spend the money now, knowing that at some point updated trends my dictate a change. As a general rule, I suggest investing in of the moment trends that are easily and inexpensively changed out, hardware, faucets, lighting fixtures. However, if you love it, go for it. Get the emerald green cabinets with the brushed gold faucet and the concrete countertops.

Smart Kitchens

In recent years appliances have gone from merely utilitarian workhorses to highly designed, technological marvels. From smart refrigerators, that can actually stream a feed of the interior of your fridge to your phone, you will never have to guess again if you need milk, to Wi-Fi connected dishwashers. Smart kitchens are here to stay.

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Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets

Within the last five years two-toned kitchens have become all the rage. Customers will often choose island cabinets that are a different color or shade than perimeter cabinets. For example, as the white cabinet kitchen trend rages on, it is nice to break up the monochromatic field with contrasting island cabinetry.

Dark Cabinets

Current Trends in Kitchen Design. Despite the white kitchen love that continues to endure, dark cabinets are making a comeback in 2020. Black, dark natural woods and stains, and charcoal cabinetry are trending heavily right now. However, white kitchen cabinetry is here to stay. All white kitchens are clean and timeless. However, it is nice to see some alternatives coming to the fore.

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Gold, Bronze, Matte Black, & Rose Gold

All trends are cyclical. Gold and bronze have made their way back around. They are no longer relegated to the houses of our grandparents. Additionally, there are some scrappy newcomers that have been around for a few years and seem to have staying power. Matte black and rose gold are continuing to have a moment.

Mixed Metals

Mixed metals are in. Style no longer dictates that you pick a finish and carry it throughout your entire design. A matte gold statement faucet paired with matte black cabinet hardware creates a high-end, clearly curated look.

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Quartz is still king in 2020. Natural stones, granite, marble, quartzite, will always have their place, but quartz is the material chosen most often by homeowners. Its durability, consistent patterning, and ease of selection make it a favorite. With quartz, no trips to a stone yard, for slab selection, are required. Selection merely entails seeing a sample in our showroom and a full slab on the internet.

Hardwood floors

Hardwood floors have never gone out of style. However, they are surging in popularity as a flooring option in kitchens. If the idea of hardwood in your kitchen, a wet area, is not something you feel comfortable with a great alternative to get a similar look would be LVP. Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring is waterproof and produces a similar look to hardwood.

Pops of Color

Pops of color, whether it be in the form of two-toned kitchen cabinetry, fun retro style colored appliances, backsplash tile, or paint, is definitely a trend in 2020. If you love color but are afraid you will tire of your choice in a few years, go with a colorful backsplash or a vibrant shade of paint. If and when you decide to make a change, that change will be far less costly than replacing cabinets or appliances.

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Outdoors In

Mother nature is always a beautiful accessory to your design. Telescoping doors, large windows, and pass-throughs to exterior entertaining spaces are great ways to incorporate the outdoors in your design.

Concealed Storage & Kitchens

You can never have too much storage in a kitchen. While glass fronted cabinets and floating shelves are great ways to enhance your design and showcase your favorite items, concealed storage allows you to hide everyday items out of site. Concealed storage can go the extreme, creating what is called an invisible kitchen, with all elements of the space concealed behind cabinetry doors. Or, more often, it can be used to conceal a coffee bar, pantry items, or small appliances.

Sustainability – Green Design

Sustainability concerns and Green Design are here stay. From water saving and energy efficient appliances to countertops created from recycled materials, customers are looking to do their part to reduce their impact on the environment.

Open Plan & Broken Plan

Open plan designs, when two or more traditional-use spaces have been joined to form a much larger space, became popular in the 1950’s and had a real resurgence starting in the 1990’s. In 2020 they are as popular as ever. In an effort to create some definition between the open spaces, broken plan design has become popular. Screens, plants, and furniture are used to create clear delineations of space.

Butler’s Pantries

If your space allows it, a butler’s pantry is a great way to hide away the more utilitarian requirements of the cooking process. Toaster ovens, mixers, dishes, and food stuffs.

Reimagined Traditional Kitchens

In 2020 traditional kitchens are embracing new trends. Your traditional design may include smart tech appliances, two toned cabinetry, and mixed metals. With the right design these trends are able to blend seamlessly with the traditional aesthetic.


Written by: Kelly Dean – Design Consultant, Foster Remodeling Solutions