Arlington Homeowners Can Feel Good About Their ROI After A Bathroom Remodel.

According to statistics published by Remodeling Magazine, a bathroom remodel in Arlington can provide anywhere between a 56% to 66% return on their investment (ROI). If you’re planning on staying in your home for a couple of years or longer, that’s considered an acceptable return rate, especially when you consider the increase in your home’s value. According to Zillow, Arlington home prices increased 5.6% in 2020 alone. Proximity to D.C., makes those prices unlikely to significantly decrease.

Should I Go High-End or Mid-Range For My Bathroom Remodel?

It depends. Arlington’s median home value is $751,270, which is a result of the location more than anything else. Evaluating the scope of your project requires that you dive deep into your wants and needs to get to the heart of the project. Here’s one way to break it down:

  • Why Am I Considering A Remodel? This sounds like a dumb question, but so many people struggle to identify exactly why they want to remodel. Really think about the functional elements of your bathroom’s design and the aesthetics of the space. Does the space function well, but look outdated? Or, is a giant unused tub taking up half your space, and you’re stuck showering in a tiny cube? Make a list of all the elements you love and hate about your bathroom. Discuss those with your partner and identify similarities between both lists.
  • How Long Do I Expect To Live Here? Consider the realities of your working and living situation. For example: active-duty individuals in the military can be reassigned frequently, meaning a high-end remodel may not make sense. If you’re retired and planning to age-in-place, an intelligently designed space can make all the difference.

Defining Your Priorities Makes For Better Remodeling.

Detailed planning and clear communication make your remodeling experience better. Taking the time to define your needs and detail your wants can make a significant difference in the way you view your new space. At Foster Remodeling Solutions, our experienced team walks you through our process to get the bathroom remodel of your dreams. With decades of experience remodeling in Arlington, VA, our team will help you identify your priorities for a bathroom remodel you love. Ready to get started?

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