Technology and The Bathroom

Technology and the bathroom—those two words don’t seem to go hand-in-hand, but technology in the bathroom is beginning to be as commonplace as anywhere else in your home. Whether you live in Springfield, Arlington or McLean, technology in the bathroom is the latest trend. Let’s focus on a few of the latest products that will make your bathroom more comfortable, hygenic and spa-like. Because, at Foster Remodeling Solutions, we want to keep you and your bathroom up to date.


The latest and greatest in faucets is the touchless faucet. Yes, just like in a commercial-style bathroom that you no doubt have experienced, touchless faucets are entering the residential domain. Delta offers Touch2O bathroom faucets in a range of styles and faucets that can be touched manually on any portion of the faucet or by simply placing your hand near the faucet. Delta has reduced the frustration of using a touchless faucet by replacing the traditional infrared sensor with a high-tech field that senses your hands automatically. Don’t worry—the water has an automatic shut-off after running for two minutes and this faucet actually uses 20% less water than the industry standard. The faucet itself stays cleaner without frequent touch and because the components are being used less, the lifespan of the faucet is increased.

Showering and Technology

How would you like to turn on your shower from your phone or by voice? How pleasant to have the water set to your perfectly designated temperature before you step foot in the shower! In addition, you can add programmable body jets, steam, light settings and even music through Bluetooth, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to make a truly spa-like and customized showering experience.

Magic Mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall: Kohler’s Verdera family of lighted mirrors and medicine cabinets are Amazon Alexa-enabled and allow you to use simple voice commands to adjust the brightness of the lights, play your favorite music, listen to the news or check your e-mail while spending time getting ready in the morning or at night. A motion-detecting low-wattage nightlight makes late night trips to the bathroom less disruptive so you can get in and out and back to a good night’s sleep.


We have been getting more requests for free-standing bathtubs—this truly is the epitome of the spa experience and again, Kohler offers beautiful, sculptural free-standing bathtubs with features like PerfectFill, which fills the bathtub to the perfect water level and pre-sets the temperature via voice control. This bathtub even drains itself via voice command. All you have to do is get in, relax and soak your cares away!

Smart Toilets

Last, but not least, the toilet. An oft overlooked product in the bathroom, toilets are having their day in the sun. Have you heard of the intelligent toilet? Again, Kohler leads manufacturers in paving the way to improving the function and hygiene of toilets. Their Karing toilet comes with built-in warm-water cleansing and drying, a heated seat and a self-sanitizing feature. How about hands-free opening and closing and automatic flushing? Beautifully hygienic with no lever to touch to flush and skirted construction that eliminates the traps and other crevices that traditional toilets have, making the entire toilet much easier to keep clean.

Whether one or all of these products interests you, we can help you choose just the right fixtures to make your bathroom a very personalized and relaxing place to be! Call Foster Remodeling today at 703-550-1371 or set up an appointment online here. We can help you remodel your bathroom and much more! Additions, Kitchens, Bathrooms, In-Law Suites, Whole Home Remodels and much more!

Written by: Rachel De For – Foster Remodeling Solutions Design Consultant

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