Your Arlington Kitchen Remodeling Cheat-Sheet.

Are you planning an Arlington kitchen remodeling project? We’ve got you covered with these easy tips to do it right the first time.

#1: Know Your Neighborhood: A smart kitchen remodel blends your home’s architectural details with modern amenities and factors in the current estimated home values in your neighborhood. For example, if your neighbors just added a chef’s kitchen to the back of their house, they’ve not only added a gourmet kitchen, they’ve also added square footage. You may want to consider neighborhood trends to understand current home values, especially for resale.

#2: Ask For Contractor Referrals: If you’re thinking about an Arlington kitchen remodeling project, talk to friends and family about their experiences remodeling their home. Find out who they worked with, potential pain points, and overall satisfaction with the finished project. Contact those companies and schedule an in-home consultation. Get a couple of estimates, partly to help you better understand the process and to learn more about each builder’s different methods.

#3: Create A Design Board: This is fancy talk for creating a designated location for design ideas, product options, and color swatches, etc. This information can be in a tangible folder where you organize your ideas or even a Pinterest board with links to likes and dislikes. Bring your design board to your first meeting with our interior designers to help them better understand what you do and don’t like.

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Comprehensive Services Deliver Peace Of Mind.

An Arlington kitchen remodeling project is a significant investment that requires a hands-on approach. When you follow our three tips, you’ll feel better prepared and more informed throughout the process. At Foster Remodeling Solutions, our design-build team collaborates with you through each phase of construction to ensure you’re comfortable with the design, clear on the project schedule, and aware of any further decisions. When you’re ready for your Arlington kitchen remodeling project, contact us to get started with experienced professionals and a perfect process.

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