Our Tips For An Arlington Bathroom Remodeling Project You’ll Love.

Are you thinking about or planning an Arlington bathroom remodeling project? There are so many details to consider that we’ve created this guide to getting started:

  • Consider The Future: We always recommend clients focus on their wants and needs before considering what’s popular or trending. A long-lasting space needs to look and feel like you. That being said, we always recommend clients consider some aging-in-place design elements to add safety to their Arlington bathroom remodeling project. Some options could be converting your tub/shower to a shower, adding decorative grab bars and taller height vanities. Most aging-in-place design elements offer practical solutions for clients of any age. For example, a pregnant woman might appreciate a vertical grab bar when stepping into the shower, just like an older individual. Manufacturers now offer grab bars, taller height cabinetry, and even toilets that are as attractive as their more standard counterparts.
  • Plan Your Lighting: A well-lit bathroom can make a massive difference in the look and feel of your space. We recommend dimmable recessed lighting with multiple switches so you can adjust the amount of light in a specific area of the room. Under-cabinet lighting makes a great night light, and a light in the shower ensures you have better visibility for a safer showering experience.
  • Don’t Skimp On Ventilation: In the days of COVID, ventilation is critical to keeping your family healthy. It’s also a sorely neglected element to bathroom design. A well-ventilated bathroom eliminates odors, and more importantly, eliminates excess moisture that can lead to big problems down the road. Visit our showroom to see some of your ventilation fan options. Many are so quiet that you’ll barely notice they’re working!
Fairfax Station Primary Bath Remodel using Cambria Seagrove countertops and tub deck, Crystal Current cabinets

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