A McLean Bath Remodel Should Incorporate Aging-In-Place Design.

We’re passionate about aging-in-place design and believe that every McLean bath remodel should include it, and here’s why:

  • Americans Are Living Longer: Longer lifespans mean that retirement facilities’ costs may be more than most people can afford. Plus, people want to stay in their homes as long as possible.
  • Americans Are More Diverse: Some cultures prefer to keep their older relatives closer to home or even in their home, which explains the recent popularity of in-law suites.
  • The Home Care Industry Is Booming: Home care is one of the fastest-growing sectors in healthcare. Some of that growth is due to the two previous bullet points, and some is because of COVID, but the increase appears to have some staying power.
Woodbridge Primary Bathroom Remodel with MSI Capella Sand tile walls and tile floor in MSI Bernini Bianco

We Make It Easy To Have A Safer Bathroom.

Remodeling your McLean bathroom to be safer is relatively easy when you work with our professional team. Here are some typical situations that we’ll discuss:

  • Location: Ensuring there is a fully accessible bathroom on the main floor will help you age-in-place gracefully. We’ll help you add or expand your current bathroom by adding onto your home or pushing out into an existing space. We’ll design the space so that it flows seamlessly from new to old.
  • Walk-In-Shower: Our team of designers integrates curbless showers with wide openings to accommodate walkers and wheelchairs. Reinforced grab bars and bench seats provide additional safety benefits and look attractive in modern designs and finishes.
  • Multi-Level Vanities: We often integrate taller-height vanities that eliminate the need to stoop when brushing your teeth and lower vanities where you can sit in either a chair or wheelchair to handle all your grooming needs.

Aging-In-Place Design Is For Everyone.

There are so many reasons to integrate accessible design into your McLean bathroom remodel. The biggest reason is that it’s ideal for everyone. Even if you’re 35 years old, you never know when you might hurt your leg or become pregnant and learn to love the added features that make one of the most dangerous spaces in your home safer. Ready to learn more about adding aging-in-place design for your McLean bath remodel? Get in touch!

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