Channel Your Unique Style For Your McLean Bathroom Remodel.

Are you planning a McLean bathroom remodel and are scared to embrace current trends because you’re worried you’ll grow tired of them too quickly? We get it. Remodeling is an investment in your home and lifestyle, and nothing is worse than making a bad investment. Here are our two cents, which we think carries some weight considering we’ve been remodeling Northern Virginia homes for 38 years:

  • Go With Your Gut: For most people, not everybody, but most people, your first reaction to something is the most honest. If a designer holds up a red colored wood sample and you cringe, don’t let them try to convince you otherwise.
  • Trust The Process: Taking the time to see your options and touch and feel the finishes can make a big difference. Our process includes time to educate you on your options so that you can make a confident decision.

White Or Wood? Defining Your Options The Foster Way.

Now that your gut is in check and you’re going through the steps, here is what you need to know about cabinetry options:

  • White Vanity Cabinets: White cabinetry has been around long enough that it’s a timeless option to consider for your McLean bathroom remodel. A white vanity can make a space feel bigger; however, it can also look dirtier if you have messy kids or wear makeup.
  • Stained Wood Vanity Cabinets: Wood stain options are virtually endless, so you can accomplish a different look depending on which you choose. A stained cabinet typically shows less wear and tear and contrasts beautifully with a stark white countertop that helps brighten a space.

Our Designers Help You Navigate Your Options.

The award-winning designers at Foster Remodeling Solutions walk you through your options, providing pros and cons to help you make an informed decision. Whether you’re renovating a primary bath or just a powder room, we guide our clients through our 8-step process to ensure they love their McLean bathroom remodel. Ready to get started?

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