Our McLean Kitchen Remodel Professionals Detail The Two Most Popular Countertop Options.

Your kitchen countertop is the victim of constant impact from everyone in the family. If you’re planning a McLean kitchen remodel and want to pick the best countertop for your style and budget, we’ve got you covered with the pros and cons of each type:


Granite is a natural stone that’s been a popular kitchen countertop for decades.

  • Affordable: There are multiple levels of pricing, but the stone that is more prevalent costs less and is only a fraction more than laminate.
  • Durable: Many granite countertops are scratch resistant and hold up well to staining.
  • Variation: To some, this is a pro, but each stone slab will vary, which means you need to visit the stone provider to see your slab in person.
  • Maintenance: Most manufacturers recommend you seal your stone yearly to avoid staining. This is an easy process but needs to be done – especially with specific colors that stain easily.


Manufacturers fabricate these countertops from natural quartz and resins. They are considered an “engineered stone.”

Durable: Get the look of granite and marble without being more susceptible to chipping and staining.
Natural Looking: Quartz looks the most like granite and marble compared with every other manufactured stone.

Price: Quartz countertop pricing falls between low-end granite and super high-end marble and is a significant investment in your McLean kitchen remodel.
Not Heat Resistant: The resins in quartz countertops could scorch if you place something hot directly to the surface. Use a trivet or dishtowel to protect your countertop.

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