Current Updates From The Contractors at Foster Remodeling Solutions.

Our experienced contractors and designers haven’t seen anything like what’s currently happening in the building industry. Last year, the pandemic upended scheduled projects during what is traditionally our busy season. We prepared for the worst – expecting business to dry up as everyone quarantined at home. Fortunately, instead of business slowing down, it’s booming! And we’re not the only business experiencing growth. As people spend more time at home, they’re identifying areas they want to remodel. All that business and the continued impact of COVID on global manufacturing has disrupted supply chains and extended lead times. Here’s a breakdown of what’s happening in the industry:

  • Lumber: Early in the pandemic, many lumber mills temporarily shut down, to institute safety protocols and acquire personal protective equipment. By the time demand increased, most were short on staff which drove prices up. Prices are now starting to come down but lead times are two to three times longer than pre-pandemic.
  • Cabinetry: Before the pandemic, our most popular line of cabinetry took approximately 4-6 weeks to arrive at our shop. That same line is taking 18-29 weeks to come in, pushing projects well into 2022 before we can even start construction.
  • Appliances: The chip shortage isn’t just affecting the tech and automotive industries, it’s also causing delays for home appliances. That shortage, in combination with the Suez Canal blockage and weather impacts on Texas oil production, has extended appliance lead times to as long as 12-16 weeks.
Springfield addition, outdoor patio with fireplace and TV area

Educated Homeowners Make Informed Customers.

We’ve always operated honestly and transparently with our customers, believing that an educated homeowner makes a happier customer. What these delays mean for you is that you now have plenty of time to start planning your project. Take a look at pictures online or in magazines to get inspiration for what you do and don’t like. Think about how you use a space and ask yourself if there’s a way it could work better. We invite you to book a consultation with our designers and contractors to start discussing your next remodeling project.

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