Here’s What You Need To Know About Cabinetry For Your McLean Kitchen Remodel.

Cabinetry can make up as much as half of your McLean kitchen remodel budget, which is why it’s important to understand the different options and what they offer. Many builders and showrooms offer three distinct classifications of cabinetry:

  • Custom: Anything goes with custom cabinetry. With everything made to order per your designer’s specifications, you can truly customize your kitchen. Pick the wood stain, color, overlay and even the size of your cabinetry with a fully custom line of cabinets. We carry Crystal Cabinet Works and Cabico Custom Cabinets, which offer our clients an extensive selection of options.
  • Semi-Custom: Semi-custom cabinetry can give you a full range of options to get that custom look at a lower price. While there are many wood stain and paint options available, you cannot customize your choices. Semi-custom cabinetry often comes with two levels to choose from – particle board construction on the sides and backs of the cabinet or solid plywood throughout. We carry Koch Cabinets for our semi-custom cabinet line.
  • Builder-Grade: These are the off-the-shelf cabinets you can get at some of the big box stores. They’ll typically carry a couple of different door styles and colors. Construction is inferior to both the custom and semi-custom cabinet lines. We do not carry a builder-grade line at Foster Remodeling Solutions.

Cabinetry Construction 101: Frameless vs. Framed.

Cabinetry typically comes in a frameless or framed construction. Here’s the difference:

Kitchen remodel, Gainesville VA with custom Crystal cabinetry with pullout drawer for pots and pans, utensils and spices

Framed: In a nutshell, framed cabinetry is a box with a door on it. These cabinets are typically less expensive and work well on uneven walls and in large kitchens. There is less interior cabinet space with a framed style because of the width of the face frame and the thickness of the supporting sides, back and bottom. Our Koch Cabinets are framed, and Crystal Cabinet Works offers a framed option, too.

Custom cabinetry in Haymarket primary bath remodel with make up storage

Frameless: Manufacturers fabricate frameless cabinetry from heavy-duty materials because there is no supporting face frame. Those materials make them more expensive, but you get a nice, sleek look with these contemporary designs. Cabico Custom Cabinets offers an extensive line of frameless cabinets, and Crystal Cabinet Works also offers some options.

Your Guide To Door Overlay Styles!

The next big decision to make is your cabinet overlay style. There are three distinct options:

  • Partial Overlay: This style is available on some framed cabinets. The door of the cabinet does not completely cover the cabinet box.
  • Full Overlay: You can pick a full overlay door style using both the framed or frameless construction. The door covers the entire cabinet, providing a sleek look.
  • Inset: Inset doors and drawers nestle into the surrounding cabinet, giving your kitchen a streamlined and traditional style.

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