The Hippest & Most Lasting Styles For McLean Kitchen Remodeling.

When you’re planning a McLean kitchen remodeling project, it’s easy to get caught up in the trending styles of the time. This guide helps you narrow your options to practical and attractive trends that won’t drive you crazy in five years!

Contrasting Islands:

Islands continue to be a popular addition for many homes because they add a functional workspace without creating an awkward flow. Choosing a contrasting color for your island gives your kitchen dimension and creates a focal point that complements the cabinetry on the perimeter. We’ve loved designing white kitchens with gray, blue or even natural wood islands. Plus, this is a great way to add style and color to the space without looking dated in 10 years.

Custom kitchen remodel in Vienna VA with Crystal cabinetry and custom blue island

Open Shelving:

Open shelving is a great way to make a kitchen feel bigger and more open. You can display knick-knacks or store decorative plates and bowls. They’re also a great place to show off a fun backsplash!

Foster Remodeling Solutions, kitchen remodeling with family room work, custom floating shelving in cherry to match cabinets


Integrating a bar into your kitchen design can serve two functions:
1.) Whether it’s coffee or alcohol, creating a separate space to store and mix drinks makes entertaining and cooking easier. Family and guests can help themselves to a drink while you’re busy chopping vegetables, etc.
2.) In many older kitchens, there are small awkward spaces where a desk or pantry used to be located. These spaces are perfect for home bars. They’re small and out of the way for easy access.

Custom remodeling Gainesville, VA Beverage bar with custom cabinets and quartz countertop

These top three trends are some of our favorite options to integrate into your kitchen remodeling project because they aren’t so trendy that you’ll grow tired of them quickly. They’re attractive, functional and practical solutions for your McLean kitchen remodeling project. Ready to learn more? Contact our team.

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