Our Answers To Your McLean Bathroom Remodeling Questions.

We’ve got the answers to all your McLean bathroom remodeling questions. Here are the top five questions clients ask us and how we tend to respond:

What kind of flooring should I use in my bathroom?

Safety is essential when it comes to bathroom design. Whether you’re 85 years old or five years old, using a slip-resistant surface keeps you safe in the bathroom any time of the year. Plus, it looks gorgeous and provides a long-lasting investment in your property. Go with a natural-looking stone and a grout that’s not too light or too dark. Both light and dark colors can show dirt, grime and mineral deposits. If you’re concerned that tile will make your bathroom feel cold, consider adding under-floor radiant heating to warm the spaces where you walk.

Aging in Place Bathroom Remodel Woodbridge with 4x36 Monterosa Botticino Marble threshold
Primary Bathroom Remodel, by Foster Remodeling Solutions, Centreville, VA with custom Rosalind acrylic clawfoot tub

Should I keep my tub?

This question requires you to dig deep and contemplate your habits, wishes and the realities of where you are at a specific time. If you have a large bathroom or are adding on, a freestanding tub looks great, gives you the option of taking a bath, and can help when it comes to reselling your property. If you don’t have much space and don’t tend to take baths, consider building a larger shower with a bigger opening that’s perfect for aging-in-place.

What fixtures and faucets should I use on my project?

We have lots of opinions! Here’s a breakdown:

  • Handshowers: Trust us, you want one. Pick a model that mounts on a slide rail, and you can use the hand shower sitting or standing. Plus, it makes cleaning a breeze.
  • Grab Bars: These are for everybody! Add a horizontal model next to the toilet and vertical and horizontal bars in the shower. You never know what can happen. We’ve found these useful at any age due to everyday situations that can affect balance and mobility, like: getting older, spraining an ankle, vertigo issues, pregnancy, etc.
  • Comfort Height Toilets: Unless you’ve got small children using your bathroom, taller toilets are much more comfortable to use. They’re typically chair height and keep your knees in-line with your hips which makes sitting and standing easier.
Arlington bathroom remodel with sleek Industrial chic fixtures and floating sink
Aging in Place Bathroom Remodel Woodbridge with Waypoint cabinets with spice stain and Jeffrey Alexander Milan knobs and pulls

How do I get more storage in my bathroom?

Storage can be an issue in many McLean homes and those throughout Northern Virginia. If you’re adding on to your home, make sure you consider adding a large linen cabinet with plenty of shelving. If you’re working with your existing space, consider cabinetry towers that mount to the countertop, between the sinks on double bowl vanities. They’re great for storing small toiletries, medicines, etc. Medicine cabinet mirrors give you additional storage and free up the area below the sink for towels and toilet paper. Open shelving can go above toilets, back walls, and even in the shower to provide space for washcloths, shampoo, soap and toilet paper.

What have I forgotten to consider?

Ventilation! Venting can seem like the most boring element of any bathroom remodeling project, but it’s also one of the most important. Not only will proper and adequate ventilation make you feel better when you get out of the shower, but it will also protect your home from mold. Newer vent fans are super quiet and incredibly effective at removing humidity and even smells from your space.

We hope this article helps answer some of your burning questions when you’re planning a McLean bathroom remodeling project! Contact us to get started!

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