You’ll Never Regret Adding More Storage During Your McLean Bath Remodel.

It seems like we could all use more storage. When you’re planning a McLean bath remodel, we recommend considering these elements to add more space for storing supplies, everyday items, and keeping your counters neat.

Medicine Cabinets: They’re back! After a long hiatus, medicine cabinets are back in style, and we’re happy to see them showing up in our designs. Medicine cabinets are the perfect place to store toothbrushes, medicines, makeup, etc. They can be recessed or sit on top of the wall – either option works well for most homes. We recommend ordering a tall medicine cabinet to gain more storage and draw the eye up, which will make the bathroom feel bigger. Not sure you want to use two mirrors for your double bowl vanity? Consider a side-mounted medicine cabinet. They provide valuable storage and take up very little space.

Tower Cabinets:

If you’re considering using one double bowl vanity, tower cabinets can sit on the vanity top, between the two bowls. They’re a great space to store washcloths, makeup, and even cleaning supplies.

Linen Cabinets:

These cabinets are great for storing larger items like regular towels, beach towels and even sheets. They’re typically deeper than tower cabinets and work nicely between two single bowl vanities or at the end or one double-bowl vanity.

Toilet Toppers:

These cabinets mount to the wall above your toilet and can typically be ordered in the same finishes and wood species as your vanity cabinetry. They’re an excellent solution for small bathrooms and are ideal for storing toilet paper, paper towels, etc.

Recessed Shower Shelves:

Tile is still the most popular material for showers and tub walls. We typically integrate a large, recessed shelving unit that can be tiled in a coordinating or contrasting tile. When these are big enough, you can store large bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash without those items cluttering up bench seats or the floor.

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