We’ve Got You Covered For Your Fairfax Bathroom Remodeling Project!

When countertops, toilets, and finishes are designed to accommodate adults, the bathroom can be tricky for kids. These bathroom remodeling ideas are curated with little ones in mind, to help maintain harmony in your Fairfax household and make bath time enjoyable for everyone.

Select Durable & Lasting Materials.

While drywall makes a suitable backsplash in most adult bathrooms, a kid-friendly bathroom requires easy-to-clean, durable surfaces. Consider opting for quartz countertops which are not only stylish but are nearly indestructible. Wainscoting on the walls makes for easy cleanup after an extra wet bath time. And avoid using delicate materials such as glass shower doors which can quickly become a hazard.

Arlington Bath remodel Industrial chic with metal features and stone walls

Create Storage at Varying Heights.

Young kids love to do things for themselves, so creating a space that is highly accessible for littles is ideal. Design your cabinetry with lower drawers to allow children to access what they need, but with higher cabinets to keep dangerous items out of reach. Hooks can be installed at various levels, so family members of all heights have an appropriate place for their towel.

primary bath remodel

Choose Finishes That Grow With Your Child.

Investing in bathroom finishes that are only useful for a year or two is impractical and wasteful. As you plan your bathroom remodel, opt for finishes that grow with your child. For example, a pivoting vanity mirror can be adjusted as they grow and is an elegant upgrade from a basic wall mirror. A step stool that hides away in the bottom vanity drawer frees your space of the clunky step stool that constantly gets in the way, and can be converted into a classic lower drawer once it’s no longer needed.

Primary Bath Remodel

Décor Sets the Tone.

Inserting pops of bold color with paint or decorative items infuses instant fun into your bathroom remodel. Unique, whimsical hardware such as quirky hooks and delightful drawer pulls add wholesome character. But remember—it’s easy to get carried away with your kid-themed bathroom décor. Kids grow quickly and their preferences change frequently. Selecting finishes that are easy to adjust means you’ll be able to modify the bathroom design to align with their phase of life.

Image of Falls Church Bathroom Remodel Curbless Shower

Safety Should Drive Every Decision.

Any parent can attest that accidents happen in the blink of an eye. While planning your bathroom remodel, safety should always be paramount. For example, it can be difficult to know how slippery surfaces will be once they’re wet, so choosing non-slip flooring such as vinyl or tile will be your best bet. Installing safety upgrades such as an anti-scald system and soft close toilet seats will also help keep injuries at bay. Even a simple non-slip pad under rugs can be the difference between an enjoyable evening at home, and one spent at the emergency room. A bathroom remodel is the ideal time to make simple upgrades to keep your family safe.

Renovating your bathroom to suit the needs of your child will be rewarding for years to come. Designing a perfectly functional space for your family can be easy with the help of a Foster Design Consultant. Contact us for practical bathroom remodeling ideas and to start your project today.