You Won’t Be Sorry Working With An Experienced Interior Designer.

A Fairfax kitchen remodel can be challenging, but working with an interior designer can streamline and simplify your experience. Here’s why we think it makes good sense to hire one for your project:

Save Money:

Hiring an interior designer doesn’t necessarily increase the price of your kitchen remodeling project. Design-build firms like ours provide interior design and contracting work out of one business. This model works exceptionally well because it allows designers to collaborate closely with carpenters who can help you avoid expensive mistakes. Experienced designers can also point you to design strategies and products that save money while adding functionality and style to your space.

Save Time:

Planning and implementing a kitchen remodeling project can be time-consuming. A seasoned interior designer can absorb some of your workload to allow you to focus on your career, family or hobbies. They can research products, connect with the contractors, answer questions and narrow down your options so that you’re not overwhelmed finding the style and design you like best.

Save Your Sanity:

Saving time and money makes you feel better. So does talking over your options with your designer, who can provide the experienced insight you may not have considered. Many designers can translate the vision you shared verbally into a functional and attractive space you’ll love. That expertise is incomparable and provides peace of mind throughout the project.

Experienced Design-Build Has You Covered.

With design-build, you get a dedicated interior designer and carpenter working on your kitchen remodeling project. That gives you an experienced designer to bounce ideas off of and a talented carpenter who can bring those ideas to life. You’ll find peace of mind with experienced help guiding your project forward. Contact our design-build team to get started planning your Fairfax kitchen remodel!