What is an En-Suite and Do You Need One?

What is an en-suite and do you need one? You’ve heard the term mentioned on the design shows on TV, but what is an en-suite? Any bathroom that’s attached to a bedroom is an
en -suite bathroom (also referred to as a primary suite). Having a bathroom attached to a bedroom is growing more and more popular. Here are a few reasons why;

Convenience – You will never have to walk down the hall in the middle of the night to do your business. And, in the evening, you can complete a full set of grooming rituals without having to travel to another bathroom in the house. An en-suite bathroom allows the luxury of having everything you need just a few steps away.

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Privacy – An en-suite is meant exclusively for the people who occupy that room, leaving you free to take care of business away from the main living spaces. It can be a private, quiet and luxurious place to relax and indulge yourself after a hard day at work.

Efficiency – If you’ve got a busy household with school aged kids/teenagers, you know that everyone needs to get in that bathroom at the same time. There’s no need to elbow past others or stand in line to brush your teeth! An en-suite bathroom allows you to keep your personal toiletries/make up away from the little ones/teenagers hands without worrying about them being used up so quickly.

Adds Value – An en-suite bathroom adds a great amount of value to your home and set it apart from others. When it’s time to sell, potential buyers are looking to upgrade from what they currently have, making an en-suite very appealing

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