Get The Right Kitchen Appliances For Your Kitchen Remodel.

Choosing kitchen appliances for your Fairfax kitchen remodel requires research to ensure you’re making the selection that will best serve your family for years. Of course, cost is always a primary concern, but several other factors should be considered before you make your choice.

Size and Space

Depending on the scope of your Fairfax kitchen remodel, you may be starting with a blank slate, or you may be retrofitting your existing kitchen space. Measuring the space you have available is understandably important, but also consider the scale of your appliances in proportion to your kitchen footprint. An industrial-sized refrigerator may dwarf a small kitchen. Alternatively, if space isn’t an issue but your family doesn’t cook much, perhaps you don’t need to upgrade to the biggest and highest-end appliances.

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A kitchen remodel requires a lot of planning, so you’ve likely considered the layout of your new space. The refrigerator, sink, and stove should be close without encountering obstacles, often referred to as the classic work triangle. But when it comes to the configuration of your particular appliances, there are even more options. You’ll want to think about the refrigerator style—do you want a freezer on the bottom or side-by-side? And the design of your oven—do you prefer a freestanding range or in-wall oven? There are pros and cons to all these choices, and it often comes down to personal preference.

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Since you likely spend more time in your kitchen than any other room of your house, the appliances should be part of the plan as you create a space that reflects your personal style. Choosing all stainless steel offers an upscale look. Or perhaps you favor colorful retro appliances. No matter what style you lean into, the appliances should feel cohesive with the rest of your kitchen space.

Energy Efficiency

Selecting energy-efficient kitchen appliances for your kitchen remodel is not only good for the environment–it’s also great for your wallet. Energy prices are at a premium, so investing in efficient products up-front can save you big over the lifespan of your appliances. The good news—all major appliance brands have Energy Star certified products available, so it’s getting easier and more affordable to make energy-efficient choices.

Selecting your appliances as you work through the rest of your remodel plans will ensure a thoughtfully designed Fairfax kitchen. Our Design Consultants are prepared to walk you through the process to ensure your unique style shines in your kitchen remodel.

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