What To Know About High-Tech Bathroom Remodeling.

Your Fairfax Bathroom Remodel Should Be Beautiful & Functional.

During the planning phase of a bathroom remodel, most homeowners tend to focus on aesthetics. Where will the lighting go? What paint color matches the tile? But the function of the space is just as important. Working with a design-build firm like Foster Remodeling will ensure your bathroom remodel is not only beautiful, but it adds convenience, makes everyday tasks simpler, and at the very least, enhances safety for your family. 

Growing Interest In Bathroom Technology.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen huge advancements in smart home technology and its accessibility. In fact, 1 out of every 4 homes in America is equipped with some sort of smart home technology, and that number continues to climb daily. Manufacturers have begun to offer a wider range of smart products at various price points, making them more accessible for the average homeowner. With the undisputable convenience it adds to whole homes, it’s no wonder there’s growing interest in adding smart tech to bathrooms.

Custom Arlington bathroom remodel industrial chic with floating sink and stone tile walls

Falls Church Whole Home Remodel
Arlington Bath remodel Industrial chic with metal features and stone walls

Why Smart Upgrades Are Worth The Investment.

Comfort, convenience, safety, and efficiency all top the list of reasons to add smart tech to your Fairfax bathroom. But because many smart tech upgrades require electricity, it’s ideal to incorporate them during a bathroom remodel, as it can be difficult to retrofit an existing bathroom. Here are some examples of high-tech bathroom upgrades rising in popularity.

Smart Showers: Digital shower systems allow you to fully customize your shower experience using personalized presets. With the touch of a button or a voice command, you can start the shower in advance and even control the temperature and duration. 

AV Technology: Waterproof TVs allow you to stream your favorite show while soaking in the tub without the worry of damage. Bluetooth speakers can easily be installed in a discreet location and activated upon voice command.

Smart Toilets: With a built-in bidet, fully customizable features, and a touchless operation, smart toilets are hygienic and highly preferred for aging-in-place bathroom remodels. Smart toilets have many automated convenience and monitoring features and offer elderly users more independence and privacy than standard toilets. 

Underfloor Heating: Waking up on a chilly morning and stepping onto a cold tile floor is a jarring way to start the day. Underfloor heating systems aren’t new to the list of bathroom innovations, but advancements in technology allow you to control the system through an app for a fully personalized experience. 

Smart Mirrors: Smart mirrors are a seamless way to integrate many conveniences in one place. They are available with motion-sensor technology that automatically illuminates, clears steam after a shower, and connects to Bluetooth. Some even provide weather forecasts and traffic updates in preparation for your commute.

Water-Saving Faucets & Shower Heads: New technology in faucets and shower heads break up the water droplets in a way that reduces usage by 20–30% while making it feel like you’re using a lot. 

Responsive Lighting: The right lighting can greatly affect your mood. Plus, it can reduce energy use and utility bills. Automated motion-sensing lights allow you to customize brightness and warmth, making nighttime bathroom trips easier, less disruptive and safer.

A Truly Personalized Experience With Foster.

How you use your bathroom is a personal experience. Opting for high-tech upgrades that enhance your daily experience is worth the investment. Foster’s tried-and-true process makes your project stress-free from start to finish. Our innovative interior designers help you select the technology that works best for your lifestyle, and they work closely with our production team to deliver the dream bathroom remodel for your Fairfax home.

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