Why Mid-Century Modern Is Having An Interior Design Moment.

Bold Interior Design That Will Always Be In-Style.

How can an interior design trend from the 1950s still be popular in McLean home remodeling today? It’s hard to believe, but the clean lines and bold colors of mid-century modern design are here to stay. Mid-century modern is a term to describe architecture, furniture, and design from the middle of the 20th century. It was inspired by Bauhaus, a German design and architecture school focused on bringing all art forms together, resulting in functionality in its most simplistic form. Design Consultants at Foster Remodeling have years of experience beautifully integrating mid-century modern designs into McLean home remodels, but why is this age-old design trend still influencing today’s interior design? Let’s take a look.

Mid-Century Modern Interior Design Kitchen Remodel
Mid Century Modern Interior Design Home Addition

The Perfect Marriage of Form & Function

Any Foster Remodeling Interior Designer will attest that the function of a home remodel is one of the most important components. Most homeowners embark on a remodel because their existing space doesn’t work with their daily routine. But no one wants to sacrifice style for function. Enter mid-century modern. This interior design style is rooted in minimalism and manages to be simple yet eye-catching. The conservative approach allows flexibility and reduces clutter, creating a perfectly functional space free of unnecessary excess.

Connection With Nature

One of the quintessential elements of mid-century modern design is floor-to-ceiling windows, which naturally create a connection with the outdoors. Expertly crafted wood features in the form of paneling and architectural details add to the distinct look of mid-century modern and can be achieved with the help of a skilled Foster Remodeling Craftsman. As many homeowners move toward embracing an organic lifestyle, mid-century modern offers the natural elements and materials to support their vision. 

Solicits Nostalgic Emotions

Even for those born after the 1950s, there’s something about mid-century modern interior design that stirs up feelings of comfort and warmth. The simplistic design evokes a sense of uncomplicated times focused on gathering with family—and not on technology. This unique sentimental response is why many homeowners are looking for ways to introduce mid-century modern into their home remodeling.

Infuse Mid-Century Modern Into Your McLean Remodel.

Since mid-century modern style is so versatile, you can easily infuse it in your McLean interior design on a small or large scale. Add a bold piece of furniture with a bright pop of color for a quick splash of style. Or incorporate texture through drapery and textiles. On a larger scale, mid-century modern interior design can be part of your entire remodeling plan. Starting with the studs, Foster Remodeling can frame out your floor-to-ceiling windows to bring the outside in. We can incorporate custom-built wood details and add a burst of color with tile or other finishing accents. Our 8-step process starts with your vision, and we want to hear all about your dreams of a stylish mid-century modern home remodel! Let’s get started with an interior design consultation today!

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