**Generators Are An Add-On Service For Current & Former Clients.**

Have Power When You Need It.

Scary weather patterns and traffic accidents can easily affect the source of your electricity. A Generac generator keeps appliances, security systems, home automation, and other critical systems in place when the power goes out. If the electrical grid fails, your generator becomes your source of power without a minute of disruption. At Foster Remodeling Solutions, Inc., we install and maintain dependable Generac home generators to keep your family safe and your systems up and running.

Integrate A Generator Into Your Remodeling.

A kitchen remodeling project or a home addition are perfect opportunities to bring a generator into your backup plan. Updating your home for all the bells and whistles the 21st century provides is further incentive to keep the power running! Take advantage of our comprehensive services and add a generator to your next project. When the power goes out, you’ll be comfortable and so glad you have that generator.

Foster’s Expert Electricians Keep You In Power.

Our master electrician and journeyman are experienced professionals. They don’t rush your job. They invest the proper time and energy installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting your equipment. That’s why Foster Remodeling Solutions, Inc., is your go to source for generators in Northern Virginia. Our commitment to our clients extends past their equipment; we’re experts on all the working components of your home.

Stay On Top Of Your Work.

A standby generator is critical to keeping up with the demands of work and school. When storms plague the East Coast and deadlocked traffic leads to dangerous accidents, a generator from Foster Remodeling Solutions, Inc., keeps computers up and running so projects are turned in on time and responsibilities are met.

We Power Security.

Most home security systems operate only one day without electricity. If power isn’t restored within 24 hours, you could be leaving your home and family exposed. By choosing a generator from Foster Remodeling Solutions, Inc., you’ll have a back-up-plan worth every penny.

You Can Count On Generac Generators.

Our work is only as good as the products we supply. That’s why we partner with Generac to supply our home backup generators. Their industry innovative products turn on within 15 seconds of loss of power and automatically shut off when power is restored. As one of the most affordable home generators on the market, you’ll find peace of mind when you choose a Generac installed by Foster Remodeling Solutions, Inc.

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