Alexandria Interior Remodel with Open Floor Plan

This Alexandria Interior Remodel with Open Floor Plan was quite a job. The previous floor plan was broken up by many small rooms with walls and doors. To open up the floor plan we had to bring in enormous steel beams to run along the home to hold up the second floor. As a result, our client has a modern, open floor plan that brings in a lot of light and lets the family gather together.

Sophisticated Home Remodeling.

Alexandria and all NOVA homeowners choose Foster for home remodeling that is easy, organized, and experienced. Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, or whole home, our talented professional team designs and builds spaces that look as good as they function. Since 1983, we’ve been updating NOVA homes for families, retirees, and busy professionals.

We Navigate Complex City Ordinances For You.

The team at Foster Remodeling Solutions, Inc., brings more than 35 years experience designing, building, and customizing home additions in Northern Virginia. Meeting the zoning laws, requirements, and covenants is made easier when experienced professionals are at the helm of your home addition project. Whether you’re in historic Alexandria with certain aesthetic requirements or neighborhoods with strict covenants, we navigate the details and do our research before we start construction so you can depend on your investment. We have experience working within established parameters and still delivering a home addition that lets our clients love their homes again.