Traditional Meets Contemporary in this Alexandria Bathroom Remodel

Traditional Meets Contemporary in this Alexandria Bathroom Remodel. Our client found some wallpaper that she fell in love with. So, she worked with our designer to come up with a design to compliment the wallpaper. This older style bathroom has a contemporary feel and the wallpaper gives it a great punch of fun.

Planning for a Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodeling is a process that comes with a timeline, because you don’t want to be left without a functioning bathroom for too long. This process can sometimes get derailed by forces outside the contractor’s control, but with continuous communication and some flexibility, you will survive this process and will love the outcome!

Enjoy the Process!

Once you’ve chosen your materials and you’re settled on any footprint changes, you’ll be happiest if you prepare mentally for your bathroom remodeling to be a six-week process. If it’s done early, you can be pleased that your contract beat the timeline! Your new bathroom will be wonderful and completely worth the mess and disruption. Do your homework before the project starts so you’re certain of what you want, don’t make any changes once things get rolling and stay patient. Remember to relax, stay calm and enjoy watching your new dream Alexandria bathroom take shape!