Basement Remodeling To Increase & Enhance Northern Virginia Homes.

Basement remodeling can elevate your space from a cold, dark and damp place where you store seasonal decorations and unused furniture to a lovely space the whole family can enjoy. Aside from being a storage area, these large, open spaces typically go unused; which means families are missing out on a lot of additional footage of welcoming, usable space that can be enjoyed. Remodeling the basement can transform a dark, cold concrete space into a warm and welcoming room where you can retreat for relaxation or entertaining. Here are four reasons why you should consider remodeling your basement.

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Remodeling Your Basement Increases Value.

Increasing the amount of living space can dramatically raise the value of your house. Typically adding a room to your home requires you to build a complete structure, including the foundation, roof and walls, but the structure of your basement is already constructed. This means you will be adding value to your home, but at a less expensive cost than many other remodeling jobs.

Remodeling the basement means you will get a whole new floor for your home and an increase in living space and increased living space equals an increase in your property’s current value as well as increase the resale value.

Room Design Options.

Whether you need more space for family night or you need a quiet place to escape after family night, basement remodeling means you can turn that used space into a warm and welcoming space. Some of the ways to use a remodeled basement may include:

  • Family room
  • Guest room
  • Home office
  • Home gym
  • Playroom
  • Theater room

Reduced Energy Costs.

If you have taken the time to properly insulate your attic, but are still noticing drafts and little change in your energy costs, basement remodeling can be the way to start reducing energy costs and eliminating drafts. Remodeling the basement means there will be insulation installed, flooring installed and the dampness eliminated. All of these measures will help to insulate your home from below the main living areas, which in turn will reduce your energy costs.

Eliminate Odors & Pests.

An unfinished basement is a breeding ground for musty odors and moisture attracting pests. Unfinished basements are typically dark and damp, which attracts a wide range of pests, such as spiders, millipedes and rodents. The insulation and drywall will provide a barrier to the outside, ultimately eliminating the dampness as well as the pests. The added insulation and wall covering will also help to reduce the risk of mold and mildew growth, which means that the belongings you do store in the basement will be protected from the damage that is caused by mold and mildew.

The basement is typically the largest unused areas of a house. The size of a basement can range from a small square to an area that spans the entire length of your home. Basement remodeling will add a lot of livable space to your home, in many situations it can double the amount of living space. This additional space can be remodeled into one large area for anything from a family room to a home office or you can choose to separate the large space into a few different rooms; giving you even more options, such as an in-law suite. With a professional basement remodel, your options are almost limitless.

Easily Expand Your Livable Space With A Basement Remodel.

Want to add square footage without a home addition. Remodel your basement to a place the whole family can enjoy. Foster Remodeling Solutions, Inc. specializes in turning minimally useful basements into dedicated game rooms, home theaters, fitness areas and much more. With smart design and special features like sun tunnels and attractive egress options, we transform your basement into the light and airy entertainment space of your dreams.

We Design With You In Mind.

Our professionals create custom spaces designed especially for you. From wet bars to pool rooms, we tackle each project with the experienced professionalism we’ve provided since 1983. Our expert designers get to know you and your family, and communicate every step of the way to ensure our design is consistent with your vision. Our innovative software customizes the finishes and layout so you can virtually walk through your entertainment space before construction begins.

Design-Build Streamlines Your Project.

Our design-build services simplify your remodeling project to maximize your investment. Open and easy communication between you, your designer, and lead carpenter ensures all project parameters are addressed through each phase of construction. Having our professionals under one roof streamlines communication and maximizes the success of your remodel.

We Don’t Cover Up Flaws, We Fix Them.

We inspect each home for potential issues prior to starting your remodeling project. This inspection provides the detailed information we both need to ensure your remodeling project is done right. If there are moisture issues, we fix them. If there are structural issues, we fix them. We thoroughly check your basement for any of the typical challenges that make this type of remodel more challenging, keeping costs and timeline realistic.

Feel Confident With Our Detailed Process.

When we estimate your remodeling project, we customize our process to your job. That means we have a schedule and timeline in place to keep us on task and you on budget. We coordinate all permits and inspections for a dependable investment. Are you ready for comprehensive basement remodeling?

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