5 Primary Bathroom Remodeling Ideas You’ll Want To Steal!

Think Outside The Box For Your Alexandria Bathroom Remodel.

A primary bathroom remodel brings great excitement. Your dreams of a spa-like oasis are finally coming true! We all start and end our day in the bathroom, so you deserve a relaxing space that puts you at ease and washes away your worries. At Foster Remodeling, our 8-step process starts with your vision. As you’re gathering inspiration for your stunning Alexandria bathroom remodel, some upgrades seem obvious—tile accents, a freestanding tub, and a luxury shower to name a few. While those are fantastic elements to integrate into your bathroom remodel, we love channeling our creativity into unique ideas that distinguish our clients’ homes from their neighbors. Check them out!

1. Make Space For A Sauna 

Not only does it feel great to sweat out the stress of the day, but did you know that sauna bathing can actually reduce the risk of hypertension and increase circulation? It’s no wonder home saunas are gaining in popularity. Installing a sauna in your primary bathroom remodel is quite simple because it doesn’t require plumbing, but you’ll want to add an exhaust fan to keep mold at bay. If your bathroom footprint allows for it, a sauna offers a whole host of benefits. 

2. Ditch the Shower Curb

Ditching the shower curb is a great way to seamlessly integrate your shower with the rest of the bathroom, maximizing the space and offering flexibility in your design. Curbless showers are easier to clean because there are fewer nooks for grime and mildew to collect. Plus, they’re great for aging-in-place remodels because they allow safer access to the shower. Whether you opt for a curbless shower for aesthetic or safety reasons, it might be an upgrade worth considering.

3. Integrate Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology is on the rise and is becoming more accessible for the average consumer. One of the most popular high-tech bathroom upgrades is the smart toilet, which offers a built-in bidet, automated customization, and touchless operation. Smart showers, integrated AV technology, and smart mirrors are also great options for simplifying your daily routine. Check out our blog about high-tech bathroom remodeling.

4. Take Advantage Of Interior Walls

Your bathroom remodel is the perfect time to use every square inch of your space—even within the walls! A built-in shower niche is a beautiful way to create storage for your bathing must-haves while adding depth and visual interest with a contrasting tile design. Be sure to intentionally measure the height of your bottles and size the niche appropriately. Another great idea is to install a recessed medicine cabinet securely and discreetly within the wall cavity. A recessed medicine cabinet will clear your countertops of clutter and streamline your morning routine.

5. Don’t Limit Your Light Fixtures

Traditionally, bathroom lighting consists of ambient overhead fixtures and a few vanity lights. But who says you have to stick with the norm? Adding a non-traditional pendant light is a great way to add personal style to your space. Opting for a light with texture, such as a rattan fixture, adds dimension and warmth to balance a bathroom’s cold, hard surfaces. One of the most luxurious placements for a statement pendant light is over the bathtub, although this requires special safety considerations. Your Foster Remodeling Design Consultant can help you choose a fixture that suits the design of the space while ensuring it’s appropriately rated for your bathroom space. 

Image of Falls Church Bathroom Remodel Curbless Shower

Image of Falls Church Bathroom Remodel Sauna

Bring Your Dreams To Life With Design-Build Bathroom Remodeling.

Choosing a design-build firm like Foster Remodeling means you’ll have a whole team of experts working together to make your dreams a reality. Foster’s fine-tuned 8-step process starts with a consultation to discuss your vision, budget, and timeline. Our design consultants offer their expert recommendations and draft a 3-D rendering of your dream primary bathroom. With a clear plan in place, your designer collaborates closely with our skilled craftsmen to keep your project on track and on budget. Let Foster Remodeling’s design-build process bring your Alexandria primary bathroom remodeling dreams to life!

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